We Finally Know The Surprising Person Who Inspired Miley Cyrus' Controversial 2024 Grammys Hair

At the 2024 Grammys, Miley Cyrus took home two awards for her track "Flowers" — Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. She performed the song at the show as well, singing her heart out in a glitzy silver dress. Another eye-catching part of Miley's look was her poofy hair, teased very high. Critics couldn't help but snark about the hairstyle, but it was actually an homage to someone very close to Miley. One person on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a photo of the singer from before the Grammys ceremony began and said, "SHE GOT THE DOLLY MEETS ELVIS HAIR." Well, they were exactly right with the Dolly Parton connection.

Miley shared a post on Instagram after the Grammys, reflecting on her win. In the part of her caption where she gave shoutouts to her loved ones, Miley thanked "my godmother @dollyparton — I felt your fairy dust everywhere ( I put a little extra in my hair , could you tell?!)."

Parton and Miley do share similarities, so it's not surprising that Miley wanted to pay homage to Parton with her Grammys hairstyle. Parton became the "Malibu" singer's godmother after the country icon and Miley's father Billy Ray Cyrus went on tour together and became friends. Parton told Howard Stern on his eponymous show, "I love, I love Miley! She's my little sweetheart. ... I just think Miley's a spectacular human being and an amazing talent."

Cyrus' hair stylist described the look as 'bigger, more fuller hair'

Bob Recine, the hairstylist who styled Miley Cyrus' hair for the Grammys, shared a photo on Instagram from her "Flowers" performance and explained how he made the look. "This year we decided we wanted something dry and bigger, more fuller hair, but sexy and tousled and touchable," Recine said. He described the step-by-step process and mentioned the Nexxus hair supplies he used.

Although some felt Cyrus' hair blew her revenge dress look at the Grammys, others loved the teased-to-heaven hair. Influencer Shaley Ham spoke with BBC Culture and explained how Cyrus' hairdo was reminiscent of a phrase in the American South: "A common saying with women in the South is 'Tease it to Jesus,' where you style your hair as high up as you can."

Fashion journalist Ashley Jackson was interviewed by the outlet too, and she discussed the hair's emotional significance. Jackson pointed out how Cyrus expressed gratitude to her loved ones in her acceptance speeches and on social media. "She did it with her outfit too. This is Miley saying, 'Hey, I'm rooted in Western culture and it doesn't have to be defined by a horse and jeans. Our culture is classy, feminine, and powerful," Jackson said. "There's power in a woman who wears her hair that big. Western culture is about true grit and character."

Parton's own fashion choices have also gotten people talking

Like godmother, like goddaughter — Miley Cyrus isn't the only one to cause a stir with a fashion or hair choice while out in public. When Dolly Parton wore a belly-baring Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit to perform at a Thanksgiving NFL game halftime show, people were shocked but thrilled for the most part.

Even Parton's manager was surprised by the show-stopping look. Danny Nozell was interviewed by Billboard and explained how Parton kept the look a secret until just before the performance. "When she came out [of the dressing room], myself, the security and my staff fainted," Nozell said. "I couldn't tell the difference between Dolly and the cheerleaders. That is the genius of Dolly, and people are still talking about it."

Cyrus and Parton's close relationship means they have collaborated musically before. For example, when Parton released her "Rockstar" album in 2023, she and Cyrus sang a duet version of Cyrus' hit "Wrecking Ball." Fans can only hope the duo will collaborate again soon — and maybe with matching hairdos.