The Truth About Tyler Cameron And Gigi Hadid's Relationship

Were Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid for real? Considering Cameron's claim to fame, it's hard to tell. Cameron was skyrocketed to national attention in 2019 when he appeared as a contestant on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. Fans of the ABC reality show were shocked to see Brown reject Cameron's marriage proposal, and many hoped the fan favorite would go on to become the next Bachelor — or romantically reunite with Brown. However, shortly after The Bachelorette aired its season finale, it became clear that Cameron had his sights set on something — or someone — else: supermodel Gigi Hadid.

After first being spotted together in Brooklyn, Cameron and Hadid made quite a splash in the celebrity coupledom, and it certainly seemed as if these two were more than just two supermodel pals. "They're both being purposefully coy," a source revealed to People. The anonymous insider noted, "Their dates are definitely real and [Cameron's] having a good time."

What's really been going on between the two? Here's the truth about Tyler Cameron's relationship with Gigi Hadid.

It all started when Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid followed each other on Instagram

Like any good millennial love story, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's reported romance started on social media. While it's unclear who was first to slide into the other's DMs, we do know that Hadid was the first to hit the "follow" button — and only minutes later, Cameron returned the favor. For normal people, a mutual follow is usually no big deal. However, considering Hadid is a world renowned supermodel, her sudden interest in a reality television contestant quickly became headline news. Of course, fans had plenty to say about the famous follow.

"Welp, there goes my chance," one Twitter user posted, along with a screenshot of Hadid's new follow. "No one real has a chance with any of these men because women like Gigi and Demi exist," another fan tweeted, seemingly referencing superstar Demi Lovato's flirtation with The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson.

Still, Cameron insisted that there was nothing going on between himself and the supermodel. "We just follow each other," Cameron said on the Almost Famous podcast in late July 2019, brushing off rumors of a possible romance with Hadid.

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid went out after he spent the night with Hannah Brown

After the dramatic conclusion of Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, fans of Tyler Cameron's relationship with Brown were hopeful that the two reality stars would rekindle their romance — especially when they saw Cameron happily agree to a date with Brown, who nervously asked him out on After the Final Rose. Soon after, when Cameron was spotted leaving Brown's Los Angeles apartment after apparently spending the night, fans of the pair felt certain that a romantic reconciliation was in the cards. 

However, any dreams of the reality stars giving their relationship a shot in the real world came crashing down on Aug. 4, 2019, when Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were spotted hanging out together at Brooklyn's DUMBO House two days after he was photographed leaving Brown's apartment. 

In an interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast (via People), Brown admitted that it was difficult to see Cameron moving on so publicly — and so quickly. "I wish I would've got a little bit more than two days," Brown revealed. She added, "But, you know, it's okay."

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid apparently knew of each other before he appeared on The Bachelorette

When Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid followed each other on Instagram, many wondered how the Bachelorette contestant ended up on the supermodel's radar in the first place. Sure, he might have been the talk of Bachelor Nation — but how did Cameron manage to catch the eye of one of the world's most recognizable faces? Well, as a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight, Hadid happens to be a fan of the reality show. Stars — they're just like us!

"Gigi is a fan of The Bachelorette and really liked Tyler during the season," the anonymous source told ET. The insider continued, "The two connected through Instagram and have a lot in common and decided to meet up," adding, "They had a nice time."

However, according to a source who spoke with E! News, Hadid knew of Cameron long before the rest of Bachelor Nation. "Tyler and Gigi actually have a few mutual friends in the modeling industry," the source revealed. "She knew of him before he got any wind of fame from The Bachelorette."

Did Tyler Cameron choose Gigi Hadid over The Bachelor?

While Bachelor and Bachelorette leads were once plucked from obscurity, the franchise now capitalizes upon the popularity of its contestants. Considering Tyler Cameron was one the most well-liked and popular Bachelorette contestants, the Jupiter, Fla. native seemed like a shoo-in to be chosen as the next Bachelor. However, after being spotted out and about with Gigi Hadid — not to mention his overnight date with Hannah Brown — many fans wondered if Cameron still had a shot at scoring his very own Bachelor season. 

Host Chris Harrison revealed on PeopleTV's Reality Check that, while he didn't think any less of Cameron for "playing the field," he wasn't sure if the former contestant was in the right headspace to be the Bachelor. Though Harrison made sure to not shut the door on Cameron's Bachelor chances completely, Cameron seemed to subtly do so himself by continuing to be seen with Hadid — even reportedly joining her on a weekend getaway to Lake George.

"If that's where he is in his life, then he's not the guy for us," Harrison later told Entertainment Tonight.

Gigi Hadid introduced Tyler Cameron to her famous pals

As the ancient piece of Spice Girls wisdom goes, "If you wanna be my lover, you've gotta get with my friends." In other words, making an effort to get along with your significant other's buds is super important. That said, the pressure to make a good first impression with your partner's pals can be downright nerve-racking — especially if your rumored beau happens to have some seriously famous pals.

However, according to reports, Tyler Cameron seemed to fit in perfectly with Gigi Hadid's famous friends. On Aug. 20, 2019, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were spotted having dinner with Hadid's friend Serena Williams — you know, the world-renowned tennis champion and Meghan Markle's BFF. "Everyone was in great spirits, laughing together and enjoying their dinner," a source told E! News about the outing.

Less than a week later, Cameron reportedly accompanied Hadid to an MTV Video Music Awards afterparty, where he allegedly met none other than Taylor Swift. A source told E! News that Swift greeted Cameron with "a big hug," so it seems the pop star approved of her close friend's rumored lover.

Tyler Cameron wouldn't comment on his rumored relationship with Gigi Hadid

While nearly every major celebrity news outlet has covered Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's relationship, Cameron and Hadid avoided commenting on the reports publicly.

Part of the reason why Cameron and Hadid didn't comment about their relationship might have been because that there was not actually a relationship on which to comment — at least, not officially. About the pair's relationship status, a source revealed to E! News in September 2019, "They haven't had any official talk yet, but [they] aren't dating other people."

While Hadid has lived most of her life in the spotlight, Cameron is relatively new to the whole fame thing. However, the reality star has proven himself a pro at dodging relationship questions like a seasoned celebrity. When asked about his alleged romance with Hadid on the Bachelor Party podcast (via Us Weekly), Cameron simply responded, "I'm not talking about that." 

Tyler Cameron flew overseas to comfort Gigi Hadid at her grandmother's funeral

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words — and a photo of the supermodel clinging to the reality star while attending her beloved grandmother's funeral made quite the statement. 

On Aug. 31, 2019, Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to post a touching tribute to her late grandmother, Ans van den Herik, writing, "OUR QUEEN ANGEL fought cancer six times in her life with courage, strength, and grace while being the greatest mother and grandmother." Just a few days later, TMZ revealed that Tyler Cameron had flown all the way to the Netherlands to comfort Hadid at her grandmother's funeral, releasing a picture of the pair walking with Hadid's siblings, Bella and Anwar, along with Anwar's girlfriend, singer Dua Lipa. 

In September 2019, a source from Cameron's camp revealed to People that the Bachelorette star felt he'd "really connected" with Hadid. Added the insider, "He was glad to be by her side at her grandmother's funeral — that meant a lot to him."

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were spotted at the same NYFW show

On Sept. 8, 2019, both Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid attended the TommyxZendaya fashion show (via Harper's Bazaar) as part of New York Fashion Week. However, in true Cameron and Hadid fashion, the two were careful to avoid feeding into relationship rumors by appearing together at the event. Instead, Hadid arrived and posed for photos with her sister, Bella, while Cameron flew solo for the evening.

This pair's outing, while technically separate, was particularly notable due to Hadid's professional connection to Tommy Hilfiger, as well as Cameron's own budding modeling career. It's possible that Hadid, a collaborator of Hilfiger's, was helping her rumored beau make connections in the fashion industry by introducing him to some of the most in-demand designers. However, an insider revealed to People that Cameron wasn't looking to use his rumored relationship with Hadid to make money moves. 

"Tyler's new to New York City, and exploring business opportunities," the source told the publication. "He's taking advantage of his new fame, but he doesn't want to come off as an opportunist with Gigi."

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's families appeared to be supportive

Apparently, Gigi Hadid isn't the only one of her siblings who knows how to set the internet abuzz with a simple Instagram follow. On Sept. 4, 2019, Hadid's younger sister, Bella, followed Tyler Cameron on the social media platform — and a screenshot of the notification quickly sent fans of Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's rumored relationship into an excited frenzy.

"He is officially part of the family," one Instagram user commented on the screenshot. Another user questioned the timing of the follow, commenting, "It took that long??"

Considering the follow happened the day before Cameron was spotted with the Hadid siblings at their grandmother's funeral, it's safe to assume the former Bachelorette contestant was able to bond with Bella  — but was Gigi Hadid able to do the same with the Camerons? While we don't know for sure, on Sept. 8, 2019, one observant Reddit user noticed that Cameron's mother, Andrea, had followed Hadid on Instagram. "I can't wait for Gigi to make the trip to Jupiter," one Redditor commented on a screenshot of the follow, referencing Cameron's hometown.

Tyler Cameron reportedly liked the attention he got with Gigi Hadid

While Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid avoided commenting on the status of their rumored relationship, the two didn't shy away from being photographed together while they were out and about in New York City. Of course, Hadid is an international supermodel, is BFFs with Taylor Swift, and was once one half of an ultra high-profile relationship, which means she's no stranger to being photographed by persistent paps. Cameron, on the other hand, was virtually unknown until May 2019, when he first appeared as a contestant on Season 15 of The Bachelorette. And while he was certainly a star in the eyes of Bachelor Nation, it appears that Cameron is very much enjoying becoming a celebrity outside of the Bachelor franchise, networking with other celebs and fashion industry insiders, and being an in-demand subject for the paparazzi.

"He is very public about going in and out of [Hadid's] place — you can tell that he wants to be seen," a source told People, revealing how Cameron adjusted to his newfound fame. The source continued, adding, "He is enjoying the attention he gets for dating Gigi."

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid share a heartwarming similarity

Tyler Cameron is a former football player from Jupiter, Fla. who found fame in 2019 as the runner-up on a reality dating show. Gigi Hadid is an internationally successful supermodel and the daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid. Aside from their respective connections to the modeling industry and their reality television backgrounds, some fans might find themselves wondering what exactly these two have in common — if anything at all.

As it turns out, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid both seem to feel passionately about helping to better the lives of children who live in underprivileged communities. In 2018, Gigi Hadid used her celebrity platform to partner with UNICEF and bring attention to the Rohingya refugee crisis, which left thousands of children without homes, sanitation, clean drinking water, and proper medical care.

For his part, Cameron is a founding member of ABC Food Tours — a New York City-based organization that aims to educate underprivileged children on "how to live healthy, active lifestyles" by taking them on tours and introducing them to new restaurants and foods. 

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid reportedly wanted to live near each other

Tyler Cameron may be rubbing elbows with A-listers in New York City, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's living like an A-lister himself. In an August 2019 interview on the Bachelor Party podcast, Cameron revealed to host Juliet Litman that he was sleeping on a friend's futon in NYC before The Bachelorette began filming — and eventually returned to that futon once his time on the show came to an end. At the time of the interview, Cameron confirmed that he and his friend, Matt James — who runs ABC Food Tours and owns said futon — were in the process of finding an apartment in the big city to rent together.

If reports are to be believed, Gigi Hadid took it upon herself to help Cameron and James find an apartment close to hers — presumably to add a layer of convenience to her rumored relationship with Cameron. "Tyler has been looking at apartments that are in the same area as Gigi's in NYC," a source revealed to E! News in September 2019. Added the insider, "She suggested a few to him and he wants to be nearby."

Sources said Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were "getting to know each other"

Considering that Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were spotted hanging out with the supermodel's famous pals, traveling together on a weekend getaway, and holding each other close while in the Netherlands for the funeral service of Hadid's grandmother — it would be reasonable for one to assume that these two weren't just casually dating. After all, most people probably wouldn't take a meaningless summer fling to their beloved grandmother's funeral. However, according to reports, sources insisted that Cameron and Hadid were not in a serious relationship — despite what their rumored romance looks like through photos.

In September 2019, an insider told People, "The media attention has been hard on Tyler and Gigi. They're trying to navigate it right now because they know how the press can pick apart every date they have and turn it into something bigger." The source told the publication that Cameron and Hadid were "still just getting to know each other" and noted, "They don't want that pressure to push them further than where they are."

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's summer fling came to an end

On Oct. 3, 2019, two months after Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid were first spotted together in New York City, a source confirmed to E! News that the models had officially ended their relationship. A second source told the outlet, "They broke up a few weeks ago. The relationship was moving quickly and was too much for both of them." Added the insider, "The split was amicable and they are still friendly," noting, "They will definitely hangout again but decided to slow things down romantically."

Ahead of the official announcement, Cameron sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, during which he insisted he and Hadid were "just friends." In the September 2019 interview, the former Bachelorette contestant told Entertainment Tonight, "[Gigi's] good people, she's an amazing person and we're just keeping it friendly." He continued, "I'm at the point where I don't really want to talk about my relationships." 

Hey, all good (and endlessly entertaining) things must come to an end, right?