The Bachelor Listen To Your Heart: The Truth About Jamie & Trevor's Relationship

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart is heating up. One of the show's breakout couples is Jamie Weintraub, known professionally as Jamie Gabrielle, and Trevor Holmes.

Trevor and Jamie got off to a bit of a rocky start on the show. Jamie was initially attracted to both Trevor and another contestant, Ryan. She and Trevor ultimately had the stronger connection, though, and even survived some major drama when a new contestant on the show revealed that Trevor had cheated on his ex-girlfriend. This was an especially big deal to Jamie as she has been cheated on before, but the pair eventually worked things out after Trevor owned up to his sketchy past — although he insisted that he was only guilty of "emotional" cheating.

The couple have seemed to fall even harder for each other as the show has progressed, but will they go the distance?

Are Jamie and Trevor still together?

Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve tweeted ahead of the show's premiere that Jamie and Trevor make it to the finals of the competition and come in second place. He added that Trevor said they were falling in love at the time the finale was filmed, and that the couple had plans to stay together after the show.

That was back in February, though, and since the show has aired there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Jamie and Trevor are still together. Refinery 29 noted that the signs have been pretty mixed. In April, Trevor released a song on Instagram called "Better To You" which, if about Jamie, could be a sign they split up. Lyrics include lines like "I wish I was a little bit better saying how I feel / picking up my phone / realizing what I had before it was gone / I wish that I'd been better to you."

Jamie, for her part, has remained quiet on social media about Trevor, although she did leave a heart emoji on an Instagram photo Trevor posted of them on the show with a gushing caption. "I couldn't be more proud of you Jamie," he wrote. "Fear does not make you weak. Fear is good. Everyone has fear, but not everyone has the courage to stand up and face that fear. You got up there and you gave it all you had. You belong on a stage. Honored to stand up there next to you."