Shahs Of Sunset: The Truth About Sam And Destiney's Relationship

The latest season of Shahs of Sunset has, understandably, revolved mostly around OG cast-member's Reza's feud with MJ. And, while that complicated, possibly even friendship-ruining plot point is obviously valid, it steals focus from the more lightweight, throwaway moments the show has to offer — in particular, the many random, messy hook-ups. It's unlikely Season 9 will offer up a hook-up more random or messy than Destiney Rose and Sam (brother to newcomer Sara Jeihooni) who spent a wild night together in Las Vegas.

Although sparks were flying on the night in question, during a subsequent episode of the show, Destiney arranged a birthday surprise for Sam at a hotel only for him to show up and proceed to make dodgy advances towards her during an increasingly awkward dinner, souring the mood. Although the Shahs of Sunset star evidently wanted to progress with the relationship, it was over before it had even really begun. Destiney was so incensed by Sam's behavior, in fact, she didn't even spend the night with him as planned.

Sam and Destiney are over for good

It seems things have cooled off completely since then, although the relationship wasn't quite as cut and dry as it may have seemed onscreen. Bravo's Daily Dish notes that Sam and Destiney were actually quietly dating for a couple months following their initial Vegas hook-up, and before the birthday debacle. During the April 10 episode of the show, Destiney confirmed, "Sam and I are no longer talking," and that's still the case now according to the Shahs of Sunset star.

She appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home After Show and, when a fan inquired as to whether she was still with Sam, Reza Farahan, who was also taking part, piped up, "After what he did? Are you kidding me?" Destiney quickly backed up his reaction, asking rhetorically, "Do you think I would want to speak to someone after that?"

Shahs of Sunset star Destiney doesn't regret the relationship

Then, when a fan tried to call her out for supposedly breaking "girl code" by hooking up with a friend's brother, Destiney brushed off the allegation entirely, arguing, "She's not a friend. You don't owe someone who's not a friend anything." Reza confirmed Destiney met Sam and Sara around the same time, in Vegas, advising, "They didn't know each other like that."

Although he encouraged the initial hook-up and is therefore partly responsible for the ensuing drama, Reza has no regrets. "Destiney is my sexy, fun lady friend that was having a little bit of an itch. We were in Las Vegas. She was having a good time," he explained simply. As noted by Distractify, Destiney and Reza may actually be trying to keep further relationship drama under wraps until the rest of the season airs. However, it's doubtful Sam will return with the rest of the Shahs for Season 9, particularly since Sara is a "friend of" rather than a fully-fledged cast-member herself.