Body Language Expert Reveals How Nikki Haley Really Feels About Donald Trump

Donald Trump's administration has done more than just put the president in the spotlight during his time in office. It's also given a platform to other figures like Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, and even the president's relatives like his son, Donald Trump, Jr., and his sister Maryanne Trump Barry. And then there's Nikki Haley. She's the former governor of South Carolina and U.S ambassador to the United Nations, the latter role made her the first non-white woman who earned a senior position in the president's cabinet when she was given the high-profile gig in January 2017, according to Cosmopolitan.

However, Cosmo also notes that Haley was initially critical of Trump over the course of his presidential campaign and gave her support to Marco Rubio instead. Beyond that, in October 2018, she announced that she was resigning from her role as UN Ambassador (via CNN).

That's perhaps why some people may have been surprised to see Haley show up to speak at the 2020 Republican National Convention. It might also make you curious about how she really feels about Trump. Thankfully, body language expert Dr. Renée Carr, a psychologist, as well as a political and corporate advisor, was willing to give The List some exclusive insight into the politically-saturated situation, and Haley had plenty to say with her body language during her RNC speech as well as when she resigned from her UN Ambassador role.

Nikki Haley expresses support for Donald Trump

Haley may not have been immediately on board when it came to backing Trump, but things have apparently changed. According to Carr, Haley "is personally aligned with Trump and consistently uses language to express her approval and support of him."

"During her [2020] RNC speech, [Haley] stated 'OUR promise' after mentioning Donald Trump and Pence by name," Carr noted, explaining that this shows that "she does not view her efforts as separate from his. Haley is composed and with strong body language. She emphasized her words 'strength and success' through the use of pinched fingers."

Also, Carr noted that Haley often "places her hand near her heart to express what is personally meaningful to her and to convey she is making a heartfelt comment."

On top of that, Haley "emphasized her prayer that God will 'ALWAYS bless America.' By choosing this word ('always'), as well as closing her eyes and nodding, Haley [was] making it clear that she believes America has already been blessed by President Trump's administration and his re-election will be a continuation of that blessing."

Carr noted that "Haley's admiration of Trump is clear in her body language. Even during her resignation, she maintained her eye gaze at him while he was speaking and she exhibited an authentic and maintained smile. Her legs are crossed toward him, indicating she is comfortable with him and in alignment with his goals."

While that may make it sound like things are all good between Haley and Trump, Carr revealed that there's more to their dynamic than you might have realized.

Nikki Haley seeks Donald Trump's approval

Public service may seem straightforward, but politics can be a tricky game — which is why Carr notes Haley also was being cautious with her resignation. In fact, Haley "remains careful," Carr explained, noting that she doesn't want to "offend President Trump with her resignation." Frankly, "this is very important to her," which is surely why she's "slightly anxious" when Trump mentions her decision to leave, and Carr says that she seemed to subconsciously move back at that moment, "as if holding her breath because she is unsure of what he will say about her."

Fortunately for Haley, Trump has "communicate[d] his fondness" for her in the way "he both shakes and covers her hand" when they meet, Carr points out. In turn, Haley appears to be "relieved" when Trump expresses his approval of her — due to the upward roll of her eyes and placing her hand over her heart — and her "mutual fondness and respect for him is also clear."

As far as the handshake goes, Carr noted that her initial impulse was to hug him — however, "she remained composed with the handshake instead. She also continued to lean-in to the handshake even as Trump turned away to finish speaking with the journalists."

So while Haley and Trump may not have been on the same side in the past, and she felt the need to step back from her role in his administration, the two don't seem to be harboring any bad blood towards each other these days, according to our expert.