What Donald Trump's RNC Speech Says About Him, According To A Human Design Expert

For the past four years we've all been doing our darnedest to figure out this enigma who holds our nation's highest office. Although Donald Trump is anything but reticent, somehow, the more words he speaks (or tweets), the more confusing the picture. Is he the demon his detractors say he is, or the hero he claims to be? Looking to his nearest and more-or-less dearest is of little help. On the one hand, we have Kellyanne Conway, a woman so enmeshed with the president it took a major family meltdown to drag her from his side. On the other, we have his spouse Melania, a woman with her eye on the bottom line (and her bed in a separate room).

Although countless political and media experts have weighed in with their analysis of the president's character, we thought we'd try something a little bit different, so we consulted an expert in human design, Paige Michelle, and asked her to analyze Trump's design based on his RNC speech. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of human design, Goop describes it as being similar to a mashup of astrology and Myers-Briggs, although with bits of the I Ching, Kabbalah, and chakra system, with some quantum physics thrown in for good measure. Sound confusing? Well, all you really need to know is it's another system of personality analysis; one that can offer some insights into Trump's mind that we may not have considered.

Trump has an 'undefined identity center'

Michelle explains that the most prominent part of Trump's "design" is a "completely open/undefined identity center." She goes on to clarify that this means he really doesn't know exactly who he is (which would probably be why the rest of us also find him a bit of a puzzle), but says that this makes him vulnerable to the whims and direction of those around him. This, needless to say, is "arguably dangerous as [he is] the most powerful man in America." She says this undefined identity is the reason why, if you listen closely to Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention, you'll hear that he never really speaks about who he is, but instead talks a lot about what he perceives to be the values held by his voters

Trump's lack of a clear sense of identity is also what led him to spend much of his hour-long speech attacking Biden. While it's easy for him to try to define someone else (if even in a negative way), Michelle says Trump's design is such that "he can't speak clearly about himself."

But his 'heart center' is well-defined

Another part of Trump's design clearly on display is a "defined heart center." This means that while he has little idea who he is, he knows just what he wants, and his wants are something he is able to communicate. Michelle says his defined heart means he is "meant to be a catalyst for change and transformation," which is something nobody could deny. Touting his achievements, which is something he also spent much of his RNC speech (as well as numerous other speeches) doing, is also, according to Michelle, "a very Human Design 'defined heart' thing to do, as they accomplish a lot."

Michelle also notes that Trump's defined heart makes him "absolutely a law and order president," since those with defined hearts are primarily concerned with the survival of their "tribe" so they "will do what is necessary to secure their monetary and physical success." His design, however, also tends to make him very stubborn, since his open heart means that he "will only ever do what he wants and feels is important." So there we have it. Trump is Trump because he was designed that way. Love him or loathe him, he is who he is, and at 70+ years of age, it's likely that's who he's going to stay.