Is Carrie Underwood Friends With Kristin Cavallari's Ex?

They're both proud Nashville residents, but are Carrie Underwood and Jay Cutler friends or just casual acquaintances? Underwood is the country music sensation taking the world by storm with each new release; Cutler, the retired pro-football player whose public profile skyrocketed thanks to his marriage to reality star Kristin Cavallari. The two even featured on their own short-lived reality show, Very Cavallari, which showcased the glory of Nashville along with Cutler's insistence on living a down-home country life.

It's that very commitment to being an urban farmer that apparently brought Underwood and Cutler together, setting tongues wagging that they're secretly BFFs. In the wake of his divorce from Cavallari, the retired footballer has been romantically linked to none other than controversial conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, but Underwood is happily married and has been for years, so at least she won't be tackling those kinds of rumors.

Carrie Underwood paid a visit to Jay Cutler's farm

Cutler welcomed guests to his charming Nashville farm earlier this week, one of whom was Underwood, joined by her two young sons, Jacob and Isaiah, according to screenshots from Underwood's Instagram Story, shared by Hastings Miniature Cattle, from whom the retired athlete acquired his beloved mini-cows, Hank and Ruby. "Took a trip to #CutlerFarm @ifjayhadinstagram," the singer wrote. US Weekly notes that Underwood shared a separate story where her son Jacob met the adorable mini-cows for the first time, writing alongside it, "Hank and Ruby say 'Hello.'"

The country icon has been married to retired NHL player Mike Fisher since 2010, so clearly he and Cutler have something in common, which may explain her connection to the Chicago Bears star. However, it's unclear how long she's been friendly with the former reality star. Cutler introduced Hank and Ruby to followers last month on Instagram, and later quipped in a follow-up video of Ruby, "Only lady in my life," in response to persistent dating rumors.