The Truth About OutDaughtered's Beaux Busby

OutDaughtered's Beaux Busby is one lucky pup. He's the newest member of the Busby family, a clan that's truly blessed with well, daughters. Adam and Danielle Busby made national headlines when they welcomed the first all-female set of quintuplets born in the United States back in 2015. The quints — Riley, Parker, Ava, Hazel, and Olivia Busby — were welcomed by older sister, Blayke Busby, making Adam and Danielle officially OutDaughtered (hence the name of their hit TLC show).


But while the Bubsys may be a family of mostly women and girls, they added a male to the mix when they brought a French bulldog named Beaux Busby home. He's the newest member of the Busby family, so it's only natural for people to have questions about him. But when it comes down to it, the truth about OutDaughter's Beaux Busby is that he's extremely loved, adorable, and a bit mischievous. But of course, aren't all dogs?

Seeing animals displaced really touched OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle Busby

Because Adam and Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered live in the Houston area, they're no strangers to hurricane season. Still, that doesn't mean they aren't greatly impacted by the devastation that storms bring, especially when it comes to animals. 


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, and brought with it $125 billion worth of destruction. As sad as the disaster was, however, it kickstarted the Busby's desire to get a dog — specifically when they saw all the animals displaced by the storm. In an Instagram post, Adam shared how the family went to a shelter to visit some animals and keep them company. "It's so sad seeing the many animals displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey at local animal shelters," he wrote, alongside a photo of Hazel Busby looking lovingly at a cat. "We may not be quite ready for one of our own just yet, but we were able to spend a few hours at a local shelter walking and playing with a few." 

Clearly, the heartbreak of seeing animals without homes got to the Busbys, and set the wheels of pet ownership in motion.


The Busbys from OutDaughtered had a dog before Beaux Busby

Adam and Danielle Busby have had to say goodbye to a beloved pet more than once. For one, in December of 2014, Danielle took to her It's A Buzz World blog to tell the story of their former family dog, Zoe Busby, and how cancer took her from them too soon. "Adam and I laid down on the floor with Zoe...and just cried and cried," she wrote. "We said our last goodbyes to Zoe and both stayed in the room with her while the medicine was given to her." Danielle also wrote about how hard it was to tell Blayke Busby that Zoe was gone. "Blayke cried and cried as I held her," she added.


Additionally, the Busbys also lost their second dog, Maggie Busby, some time later, after the quints were born. Adam shared a photo of baby Hazel Busby playing with Maggie on his Instagram in August 2016, though it's unclear exactly when she passed away. 

Losing a family pet is seriously difficult for anyone, but the Busbys have managed to move on, and took their time to grieve before Beaux Busby joined the family.

Danielle Busby wasn't sure about adopting Beaux Busby

As adorable as Beaux Busby is, and especially as cute as he was as a puppy, not everyone in the Busby household was on board with adopting him at first. Namely, Danielle Busby wasn't sure about getting a dog, so when Adam Busby brought Beaux home, she wasn't on board. "I mean, I know I did not write, 'go get a puppy' on that shopping list," she revealed in an episode of OutDaughtered. Then, she pulled Adam aside and told him, "Basically you just gave me another child," and complained that she didn't have time to take care of a dog on top of everything else. 


To be fair, Danielle had a point, as Adam didn't exactly discuss the decision with her before bringing Beaux home. And if Danielle had disagreed in front of the quints, she would have been the bad guy. "It's not fair that he gets to be the fun dad," she continued. 

Beaux wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms by Danielle, that's for sure.

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby surprised the girls with Beaux Busby

When Adam Busby brought Beaux Busby home for the first time, it was a surprise for the girls, making for a seriously heartwarming moment. In an episode of OutDaughtered, Adam walks into the house holding a tiny puppy wearing a bow and name tag. Of course, the girls all immediately start to fawn over him. And as sweet as getting a puppy is for anyone, it was six times as cute for the Busby children because it was a birthday surprise for all of them. 


Additionally, when Adam asked Blayke Busby if she knew she was going to get a puppy, she responded, "I hoped I would." She then went on to tell the cameras just how much Beaux already meant to her. "I've been wanting a puppy since Maggie died," she continued. "But now, we have a puppy to remember her, 'cuz he has Maggie's face." Adorable!

Clearly, the girls loved Beaux from the beginning, and the fact that he was a birthday surprise for them just made the day all that much more memorable.

Beaux Busby came home at a stressful time on OutDaughtered

As happy as the girls were when Beaux Busby arrived, Danielle Busby wasn't all that thrilled. On top of six kids and a puppy, Danielle also told Adam Busby that she wasn't pleased with the timing, as he'd recently taken on a new job that had him traveling more. "So when you go out of town, like you're taking him with you. I'm not doing it," she explained in an episode of OutDaughtered.


As annoyed as Danielle was with Adam for bringing Beaux home without consulting her, the real issue was that she worried she'd be the one responsible for him. "You don't think of like, all the full picture of it," she continued. "You're gonna go work, you're gonna go off to Dallas, and that's gonna fall on me." 

Furthermore, Danielle revealed that she'd been trying to forge a new career path for herself, so it really wasn't an optimal time to adopt a dog. Still, they made it work in the end.

Beaux Busby from OutDaughtered is pretty popular on social media

It's not exactly new for a dog to have a large social media following. Still, Beaux Busby has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, an impressive feat for anyone, but especially a tiny dog. Beaux's Instagram bio describes himself as the "newest family member" of the Busby family, and even brags about appearing on OutDaughtered, like a true Instagram Influencer would.


Beaux's Instagram isn't super active, but as it's likely run by Adam and Danielle Busby, that's understandable. The two already have six kids, multiple businesses, and their own lives to run, so managing Beaux's social media probably isn't at the top of their to-do list. 

Still, despite the fact that Beaux's Instagram isn't super busy, he gets a ton of likes. For example, one photo of Beaux with Blayke Busby got over 13,000 likes, while another shot of Beaux as a puppy got nearly 17,000. Clearly, the French bulldog is popular on social media, and is truly a star in his own right.

OutDaughtered's Busby family celebrate firsts with Beaux Busby

Let's just get one thing straight: Adam and Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered know a thing or two about raising kids. First, they had Blayke Busby, and then they were shocked with the news that Danielle was carrying five little girls during her second pregnancy. And as their kids have grown up, the Busbys have observed a lot of parenting "firsts." They've been through their first doctor's visit, first family vacation, first holidays, first everything with their six girls. 


However, when Beaux Busby came into their lives, the Busbys got to celebrate a whole new round of firsts. "I thought we approached the 'first' of all things, until Beaux!" Danielle excitedly shared on Instagram. She then explained that it was Beaux's "FIRST time to the beach," and the photo of the sweet pup in the sand, tongue out and all, was almost too cute to handle. 

While Beaux may only be a fur baby, he's still special to Adam and Danielle.

Beaux Busby from OutDaughtered eats some weird things

Honestly, any dog owner will tell you that no matter how much you train your pooch or provide it with healthy food and treats, there are times when the little pupper will get their paws on something they shouldn't. Obviously, some things can be toxic for dogs, but for Adam and Danielle Busby, the things that Beaux Busby got into were more interesting than they were worrisome.


Specifically, Danielle explained that sometimes, Beaux has an appetite for some seriously unappealing items. In an Instagram post praising Beaux, Danielle explained the small dog had a big appetite. "Some things i don't understand about you, like why you also love to eat anything made of paper AND recently you love to eat june bugs," she wrote. 

Unfortunately for Danielle, eating gross things isn't the only thing Beaux does. "And then you like to come right by me and throw it all up," she continued. "It grosses me out BUT we still love you." Well, at least he's cute, because Beaux's eating habits definitely are not.

Danielle Busby appreciates how Beaux Busby is with the kids on OutDaughtered

As OutDaughtered fans know to be true, Danielle Busby wasn't the most excited member of the family when Beaux Busby came home to them. Still, she quickly warmed up to the idea of the little pupper, and perhaps one of the biggest reasons for that was because of the way Beaux played with the Busby girls. Obviously, Blayke, Hazel, Parker, Ava, Oliva, and Riley Busby love Beaux, but he also really loves them, especially when they get to play.


In a sweet Instagram post showing Beaux riding along in an electric toy car with Riley, Danielle wrote how loved he is by the entire family. "You are a perfect fit for this wild and crazy family!" she gushed. "You love to play rough with your six sisters (especially Riley Paige) but can be the laziest dog and cuddle all day." 

Clearly, Beaux was the perfect dog for the Busby family, and as unexpected as his arrival was into their world, he couldn't have been more loved.

Beaux Busby from OutDaughtered sleeps a lot while the kids aren't home

For as much fun as Beaux Busby has with all his older sisters on OutDaughtered, being a dog can be exhausting. Sure, Beaux, Blayke, Riley, Olivia, Parker, Hazel, and Ava Busby all have a blast together, but if Beaux does manage to get a few moments to himself, you can bet he's going to take advantage of it.


In an Instagram post from Beaux himself, the French bulldog explained that he has to use his time wisely while the Busby girls are at school — and for him, that means sleeping. "What I do best when the girls are out of the house," Beaux (or Danielle Busby, more likely) wrote, captioning a photo of the adorable pup snoozing between some couch cushions. "I have to store up my energy and be ready for action when they come running through the door!" 

Hey, playing with six little girls can't be easy, and for a dog as small as Beaux, it's got to be exhausting. So it makes sense that when he's not playing with the kids, he's resting up for his next playtime.

OutDaughtered fans got concerned for Beaux Busby when this happened

Adam and Danielle Busby have likely gotten used to social media trolls, but who would have thought that Beaux Busby would get trolled on Instagram? As it turns out, after one post featuring the pup, some OutDaughtered fans were concerned for Beaux's well-being, and couldn't not say anything.


Most notably, a photo Danielle posted of Beaux at the beach on Instagram caused a stir. "So cute I have one too but be careful around water," one commenter wrote. "French bulldogs cannot swim." Another user shared the sentiment. "Careful with that little sweetie — Frenchies can't swim plus they can get heat stroke really fast," they shared.

However, those comments really weren't necessary. On Beaux's Instagram page, the Busbys shared that he's a water dog after all. Next to a photo of Beaux in the pool, they wrote, "learned something this weekend... apparently, I CAN SWIM!" Additionally, any concern about the heat wasn't needed either, as Beaux grew up in Texas, which can get quite warm.

Beaux Busby from OutDaughtered went to puppy school

Listen, Danielle Busby isn't exactly blessed with an abundance of free time. The mother of six has young daughters to look after, businesses to run, a show to film, and a husband to tend to. So, training a puppy wasn't exactly something she had a lot of time for, which is why she didn't really stress too much about it in the first place.


In fact, in an interview with In Touch Weekly, Danielle revealed that she made the decision to send the pupper off for the professionals to train. "Thankfully, Beaux is a great dog," she explained. "Especially after letting him go to puppy school. He loves to play hard but loves to cuddle more than anything." 

Clearly, Danielle was grateful that she and Adam Busby were able to send Beaux to be trained, and with six kids, who could blame them?

These two Busby girls from OutDaughtered are the most attached to Beaux Busby

When a family gets a new dog, especially a family with a lot of children, there are bound to be a few kids who are a little more involved with the pet than others. That turned out to be the case for the Busby family; though Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Riley, Hazel, and Parker Busby were all thrilled to meet little Beaux Busby, Danielle Busby shared that there were two girls in particular who formed a special bond with him. "Blayke and Parker are definitely way more attached to him then the other girls," she revealed in an interview with In Touch Weekly. Given that Blayke is the oldest of the girls, and Parker has had struggles with anxiety, their attachment makes sense.


Additionally, another one of the Busby girls has a unique interaction with Beaux, though it's a little less tender than the others. "Riley loves to play rough with him," Danielle continued. But no matter what, it's clear that Beaux has brought plenty of joy to the Busby family.

OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby even calls herself a dog mom

Clearly, Danielle Busby wasn't all that thrilled when Adam Busby brought Beaux Busby home. However, since then, Danielle has come a long way with Beaux. She even started calling herself a dog mom, and often enjoys some sweet bonding time with the little pup.


In addition to Danielle sharing more than one Instagram post with the hashtag, #dogmom, she's also gotten pretty real and honest about how much she's grown to love Beaux, and vice versa. "This little pup sure has been enjoying all the mommy cuddles this week," she captioned one photo of Beaux curled up on her. 

Additionally, in another Instagram post, Danielle celebrated Beaux. "Though I wasn't ready for the responsibilities of a pet again... dang it! I'm obsessed with this #frenchie named Beaux," she wrote in the caption. Danielle has truly done a complete 180 since Beaux entered the picture, and she seems thrilled to be a family of nine.