The Truth About Parker Busby From OutDaughtered

Keeping up with Parker Busby and the rest of the quints on OutDaughtered is no easy task. The large family resides in the great state of Texas — though parents Adam and Danielle are both originally from Louisanna — and gained national attention for welcoming the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. They soon landed their own show on TLC and viewers quickly fell in love with the adorable Busby kids.

Of course, it can be hard for even the most diehard OutDaughtered fans to tell the quints apart. Older sister Blayke is easy to spot, naturally, but quints Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley pretty much all share similar features. That's not to say they don't each unique personalities. Although Parker may just be one of five quintuplets, she is special in a million different ways. Keep reading to learn more about one of reality TV's youngest stars.

Parker Busby was so chill as a baby

As newborns, the quints needed to stay in the NICU, which meant Danielle Busby wasn't able to stay by their sides all the time. Nevertheless, Danielle quickly learned ways to tell the quints apart and even start to notice certain personality traits evident in her newborns.

As far as Parker was concerned, Danielle described her as being a pretty low-key baby. In a blog post for It's A Buzz World, Danielle wrote a lovely description of baby Parker. "My sweet Parker Kate," she began. "So beautiful and peaceful ... so chill and precious. She loves to give smiles and loves to be talked to. We all think she is the calm one, the one who will tell Daddy all the secrets about the other girls." At the time, there was of course no way of telling how Parker would end up as she got older, but it doesn't seem like Danielle was too far off.

Parker Busby likes to watch OutDaughtered

Parker Busby has grown into quite the little girl over the years. Fans of OutDaughtered have received the privilege of seeing her come into her own since the show premiered when the quints were born. As Parker and her siblings got a little older, Danielle Busby shared some sweet facts about them — and one tidbit is especially adorable.

In 2019, Danielle posed 13 questions to each of her daughters, which were mainly about their favorite things. In a blog post for It's A Buzz World, Danielle shared Parker's responses to her questions, detailing that Parker loves to eat her veggies and watch The Lion King. When Danielle asked Parker to name her favorite television show, she responded with, "OutDaughtered."

Danielle went on to explain, "Though she actually loves OutDaughtered ... She calls just regular home footage videos, even ones off our phone, OutDaughtered so basically she just likes watching her family on TV." Parker may be pretty reserved on the TLC series, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy watching herself on the small screen.

Parker Busby aspires to be Queen Elsa when she grows up

Young children like to entertain themselves in plenty of different ways. As parents or anyone who's spent any length of time around kiddos know, kids enjoy playing games, running around, watching cartoons, and, you know, making messes. Still, every child is unique — yes, even the OutDaughtered quintuplets. Although they're all girls and have so much in common, Danielle Busby revealed that Parker Kate is pretty much the queen when it comes to all things girly.

For the quints' fifth birthday, Danielle wrote a post for her It's A Buzz World blog, describing Parker as being "the girliest of them all. [She] loves to dress up and let Blayke do her hair and play makeup." Additionally, Danielle asked Parker what she's best at and she responded, "Putting Mommy's lip gloss on." And when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, "Elsa with a long dress."

Parker Busby is independent

The first day of school each year is a big milestone in a child's life. Whether a little one is starting kindergarten or a teenager is starting high school, it's a big deal for them and their parents. As such, Adam and Danielle Busby did a lot of thinking about what classes the girls should be in — and if any should be separated — before they sent the quints off to school.

"Parker does not necessarily want to be in a class with her sisters (lol)," Danielle wrote in a post for her It's A Buzz World blog. "But when it comes to new situations or places, she does best with a sibling on her side ... so we paired her with Olivia." This would not only benefit Parker, but Olivia too. Danielle explained that "Riley and Olivia bicker the most" so it made sense to pair Riley with Ava and Olivia with Parker. 

Parker Busby is usually a daddy's girl

Most children share different kinds of bonds with each parent or guardian. Maybe one child is super close with their mom while another prefers to spend time with their father. It's all totally normal, according to Parents, and for Parker Busby, there's no question to whom she pledges her allegiance (not that it's a competition). For the most, she is a daddy's girl.

In fact, Danielle Busby has made it clear on several occasions that Parker favors her father, Adam Busby, and Danielle is only a little jealous. "You have a smile that will light up any room and though you are a Daddy's girl, you are forever my baby," Danielle wrote to Parker in a Mother's Day 2018 blog post on It's A Buzz World. A May 2020 blog post for the quints' fifth birthday confirmed that Parker was still very much a daddy's girl, as Danielle wrote that "she loves to cuddle, loves to take pictures ... and oh yea, LOVES her Daddy!"

In one Instagram post featuring Parker smiling sweetly at the camera, Danielle explained that any one-on-one time she gets with Parker is special. "Every once in a while my little baby will choose Mommy time over Daddy," she detailed, "and it [makes my] heart jump!" 

Parker Busby has struggled with shyness and possible anxiety

Fans of the OutDaughtered kids may be familiar with a certain plot point from the show's sixth season. Specifically, after Parker had a meltdown during a school performance, Adam and Danielle Busby grew concerned for their daughter. It was hard to watch, but important for the parents to do what they believed was best for their daughter.

"It's heartbreaking to see Parker crying on stage," Adam revealed in the episode of OutDaughtered after Parker reacted differently than her sisters while performing for a Christmas program. "I just want to run up there and hold her." He continued, saying, "Man, it just seems like all the girls are taking this huge step forward and Parker's just going the other direction. I'm just worried that this may be more than just stage fright."

Parker was later assessed by an occupational therapist, who revealed that Parker was shy in new situations. She also provided Parker's parents some tips on helping their daughter work through her discomfort. 

Parker Busby has built up her confidence

As OutDaughtered fans have seen, Parker Busby has dealt with a lot of stress over the course of her young life. However, Parker has gotten better at navigating through new situations and has even started to come out of her shell.

In a It's A Buzz World blog post in honor of the quints' fifth birthday, Danielle Busby gave a highly-anticipated update on Miss Parker Kate. "This girl will light up a room with her smile," the mom of six began. "She has grown so much confidence this past year, and we are so proud of her. She is a perfectionist and very detail-oriented."

Being on the shyer side might just be part of what makes Parker Parker, but even fans noticed how she was getting bolder and bolder in an Instagram post Adam Busby shared. "It's lovely to see Parker comfortable and smiling," one fan commented on the photo of Parker really feeling herself in her outfit. Parker Busby really is growing up.

Parker Busby is no follower

Though Parker Busby may be more reserved than her sisters, that doesn't mean she will just fade away into the background. In actuality, Parker Kate may be more of a leader than a follower — at least that's what her mom thinks. As Parker has gotten older, it's become apparent that she possesses some of the qualities that make her an exceptional leader.

In a 2018 blog post for It's A Buzz World, Danielle Busby explained that Parker had "been making [her] realize that maybe hitting the age of three is going to be worse than the terrible twos." Danielled joked, "All of a sudden, she is the rough pretty girl." The mom of six continued, writing, "She still holds her sweet, shy innocent side but she is a leader of the bunch and definitely ruling the girls."

It turns out Parker's propensity for strong leadership may lead her into a future career in camera work or producing. In a video for It's A Buzz World, Parker can be seen taking ahold of the camera and taking charge of recording footage of her family. "She's going to be a producer one day," one woman remarked in the video.

Parker Busby can be stubborn

Parker Busby has a lot going for her. She has five sisters who love her, parents who adore her, and a whole nation of fans who enjoy watching her grow up. And, of course, she's so stinkin' adorable. However, one of Parker's qualities might just be a bit frustrating to her parents.

The youngest Busby quint, who is often described as having "the sweetest little grin," according to TLC, is also perhaps the most stubborn. In a Mother's Day post on her It's A Buzz World blog, Danielle Busby wrote sweet messages to all of her daughters, and when she got to Parker, she couldn't help but poke some fun at the fact that she saw some of herself in her daughter. "My last [official] child," Danielle began. "You taught me that there really is someone out there more stubborn than me, lol." Obviously, since Danielle sees herself as stubborn, she's well-equipped to handle her daughter's strong-willed tendencies. 

Parker Busby looks up to her older sister Blayke

Parker Busby has lived her entire life surrounded by other girls. With five sisters, Parker has her pick of besties, but it seems as though the youngest quint looks up to her oldest sister most of the time. Blayke Busby was four years old when the quints were born, but as her younger sisters have gotten older, they've all bonded and learned to play together. As far as Parker Kate is concerned, though, Blayke is basically her role model.

Danielle Busby has shared multiple photos of little Parker dressed up in her big sister's clothes. In one 2017 post, she revealed that Parker "loves her sissy's jackets and sparkler boots!" Parker didn't lose interest in her older sister's wardrobe as she got older. "This girl LOVES going into Blayke's room," Danielle captioned a 2019 photo of Parker. "She snuck into Blayke's closet and came down completely dressed in Blayke's clothes ... dress, leggings and shoes." According to TLC, Parker is the tallest of the quints so if anyone were to fit in Blayke's clothes, Parker would have the best chance.

Parker Busby is curious about the world around her

Children are naturally curious. When they try a bite of an unfamiliar food or visit somewhere they've never been before, chances are they'll have some questions. That's normal for young kids, of course, but Parker Busby takes curiosity to new heights.

For Parker's second birthday, Danielle Busby wrote a little bit about her youngest child on her It's A Buzz World blog back in 2017 and emphasized Parker's analytical nature. "She is so interested in everything," Danielle wrote. "She always asks 'what's dat Mommy?' and you better answer her because she will just get louder and louder repeating the question," Parker's mom mused. Even a year later, Parker's curiosity hadn't gone anywhere. For her third birthday, Danielle wrote, "She observes and wants to know everything ... 'what's that?' is what PK says all the time." Parker Busby has an impressive investigative spirit, that's for sure.

Parker Busby is advanced for her age

Parker Busby may be a bit shyer than her sisters and is certainly not naturally outgoing, but her observant behavior has come in handy. As it happens, she's very intelligent. In fact, in a 2018 episode of OutDaughtered, it was revealed that Parker isn't just smart, she has a lot of potential. She, along with her sister Riley, actually moved up and out of the class the other quints were in.

During the episode, Adam and Danielle were understandably weary before they were called in to meet the girls' teacher. "When [preschool director] Randy says she specifically wants to talk about Riley and Parker, I kind don't really know what to think ... is Parker rubbing poop everywhere?" Danielle told the cameras. But to their surprise, the teacher said that both girls were "ready to move up" and cited their "verbalization" and even "bossiness" as signals that they needed more of a challenge. Danielle was surprised, but agreed that it made sense. "Though [Parker] might be a little bit quiet, she is always first to still figure things out and understand it," Danielle explained. Little Parker Kate has the brains to match the beauty, that's for sure.

Parker Busby has always been a little sassy

While you might mistake Parker's reserved nature for meekness, the quint isn't afraid to speak her mind. Adam and Danielle Busby's youngest daughter actually tends to be the one with the biggest attitude — not that they're complaining. In fact, Danielle even wrote that little Parker might just be the sassiest of the bunch, with an attitude only matched by Danielle herself.

"She is very stern and strong-willed, but also very anxious and nervous in new places," Danielle wrote of Parker Kate on her It's A Buzz World blog. "Nothing phases her as she is a lot like her Momma with her 'whatever face' or the 'so what' face." Danielle further remarked that Parker reminds her of herself and was nervous about what that would mean as she became a teenager. While we're sure the other quints probably have their sassy moments, too, Parker definitely seems to take the cake in the sassy department.

Parker Busby was sporty when she was younger

As the Busby quints have gotten older and more mature, Adam and Danielle Busby — as well as the rest of the world — have been lucky enough to see how each quint has developed their own unique personality. Even when the quints were babies and just starting to walk and talk, their parents noticed some interesting differences between their daughters.

Specifically, the Busby parents realized that Parker was particularly athletic, even for a little one. In a clip from OutDaughtered, Danielle explained that "Parker is just like Sporty Spice, you know?" Danielle continued, "She can climb on things and just do stuff so much quicker than the other ones." Adam added, "She's fast."

Additionally, a video from TLC claimed that she is indeed "the sporty quint." And, who knows, Maybe when Parker gets older she'll be the star of her school's basketball team or hold a track record. We'll just have to wait to find out.