The GOP Has A Mixed Reaction To Biden's Presidential Victory

While both Cindy and Meghan McCain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney have weighed in with congratulatory tweets on Biden's victory, it's not all cross-the-aisle kumbaya now that we have ourselves a new POTUS-to-be. It may be all over but the shouting, but that's likely to go on for a while as many Republicans are still seeing red over that stealthy blue wave. Rudy Giuliani, who yesterday was tweeting: "ELECTION THEFT Of The Century", refused to accept today's election announcement, saying: "Networks don't get to decide elections. Courts do." He did admit, though, "I don't know if there's enough evidence to set aside the entire election, certainly not around the country" (via the New York Post).

Soon-to-be-former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany got all snarky over the pro-Biden celebrations erupting all over the country, tweeting: "Where is @JoeBiden calling on the massive Super Spreader events held in his name to end?" (Guess she ought to know about virus spreading). Mike Huckabee then showed that not all former governors can keep it classy by sassing back: "If after ballots are actually all counted and certified & Biden wins, we can Praise the Lord that Joe cured the virus — just like that!"

Some Republicans are keeping their cool

A surprising shoutout to Biden, however, came from the 2000 election's Hanging Chad King himself, former Florida gov Jeb Bush. Bush tweeted: "Congratulations to President-elect Biden. I have prayed for our President most of my adult life. I will be praying for you and your success. Now is the time to heal deep wounds. Many are counting on you to lead the way." Former Ohio governor John Kasich, himself a 2016 Republican presidential hopeful who, along with Cindy McCain, appeared at the DNC to endorse Biden, also expressed his bipartisan pleasure with the following tweet: "Congratulations, President-Elect @JoeBiden I know you will do as you promised and be a president for the whole country."

As to what Trump himself had to say, he tweeted the following words both wise and calm: "One must be able to lose with dignity." Sadly, this was posted back in 2016, and he meant that advice for Hillary Clinton, never to himself since it was inconceivable that he could ever lose. Last we checked, he's still hotly contesting the vote counts and has gone back to ranting: "I WON THE ELECTION ... BAD THINGS HAPPENED WHICH OUR OBSERVERS WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE." The chance he's going to swallow his own prescription from four years ago appears to be deep into negative integers.