The Untold Truth Of Hosanna Plath

The Plath family, of TLC's Welcome to Plathville, already includes 10 members — or 11, including eldest son Ethan's wife Olivia — so the fact that one member is missing doesn't matter too much. During season one, viewers got to know the aforementioned newlyweds, along with his disruptive parents, Barry and Kim, and Ethan's siblings Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy, as they fought over the "right" way to live life while praising God.

In the Plath parents' view, that meant adhering to a whole bunch of super-strict rules including no soda or junk food, and no watching television or movies. However, in spite of the fact Barry and Kim's reluctance to compromise has apparently driven not just Ethan and Olivia away but Micah and Moriah too, the reason eldest daughter Hosanna doesn't appear on the hit show has nothing to do with her being forbidden from posting on Instagram.

Music is Hosanna Plath's passion

The reason you don't see Hosanna Plath on Welcome to Plathville is very simple; she doesn't live anywhere near the rest of her family. As InTouch notes, the very first episode of the show revealed that Hosanna resides in Ohio with her husband, Timothy Noble, so appearing on Welcome to Plathville, which films in Georgia, where the Plaths live, wouldn't be feasible. Plath actually works with her husband too, as the duo performs music together with him on the piano and her playing the violin.

According to their website, the couple tours the country constantly so time would also be an issue. TV Shows Ace describes Plath as something of a musical prodigy. She released three solo albums before even meeting Noble. Plath was also previously a key part of her family band. She earned a scholarship to study music in college but instead opted to learn through practice and playing instead. Her parents described the decision as a "personal" one.

She met her husband through music, too

InTouch confirms Plath and Noble met and bonded over their shared love of music. They got married in June 2019, following an engagement the year before that was celebrated on Instagram by the similarly super-religious Rodrigues family, who wrote, "Nurie's VERY best friend – Hosanna Plath is engaged to her sweetheart- Timothy Noble... Nurie is SO honored to have been asked by sweet Hosanna to be a bridesmaid at this BEAUTIFUL wedding event next June." 

Prior to their performance at the National Quartet Convention in September 2019, the announcer noted the couple actually met at the same event three years prior. The talented duo uses their music to spread the word of God, with a press release confirming the two had joined their ministries upon marrying. They've released four albums together, including a Christmas album, which dropped in December 2019. Soap Dirt confirmed in November 2020 that they're expecting their first child together, too, much to Barry and Kim's delight.