The Secret Talent Erin Napier Is Hiding From You

As co-host of HGTV's Home Town, alongside husband Ben, Erin Napier is a beacon of hope for the denizens of Laurel. The long-time couple is passionate about home renovation, but the show's success is based predominantly on their shared chemistry. Aside from making dreams come true on Home Town, the Napiers are business owners and busy parents. Somehow, Erin also finds time to donate to charity, recently giving back to a local women's organization with some clothes she wore on the show (via Instagram).


Elsewhere, her drawings were featured in a coloring book filled with simplified versions of the property sketches from on the show, as another post gushed. Erin posted, "We have chosen to support American manufacturing by featuring products made here in the USA because if we're going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, we have to be serious about making things here to keep our hometowns strong," (via Southern Living). And yet, there's yet another talent the HGTV host is hiding just beneath the surface. 

The Home Town star is secretly a musical prodigy

As Country Living advises, Erin is musical on top of everything else. She can reportedly sing, play guitar, and play piano too. Back in high school, the Home Town star even performed regularly at the local coffee shop in downtown Laurel. Instagram followers will have spotted the odd post here and there while, in April 2020, Erin's skills were front and center on the show as she performed a version of "Amazing Grace" live in her hometown. At the time, Ben admitted he had no idea how talented his wife was when he first met her.


The characteristically humble lady brushed him off however, reasoning, "I used to be musical, now I'm rusty," she explains, admitting she hadn't performed at an open mic night since college (via House Beautiful). The HGTV star also frequently posts videos of her various jaw-dropping performances on her dedicated YouTube channel, for those who are more curious about Erin's budding music career. Hopefully she won't be snapped up by a record producer any time soon; Laurel needs her.