The Truth About Lisa Vanderpump And Dorit Kemsley's Relationship

Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley went from BFFs to sworn enemies following the infamous "Puppygate" debacle that consumed most of Vanderpump's final season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As Bravo's Daily Dish notes, the two women couldn't agree on who had really leaked a story to Radar Online, leading Vanderpump to declare their relationship done for good. Kemsley expressed how disappointed she was during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, admitting, "I didn't think it would end like that, honestly."

At the season 9 reunion, she argued that a dinner between Vanderpump, her husband Ken Todd, Kemsley, and her hubby PK, was arranged purely to clear the air. Unfortunately, although, "I had said several times, 'Lisa, let's just put it behind us and let's just figure out a way forward.' ...she didn't want to do that." Vanderpump, for her part, argued during the RHOBH After Show, "I don't want a friendship when someone's calling me a liar, so end of story." Is all really lost between them, or have these two managed to fix their friendship once and for all?

Their friendship is over for good (at least for now)

In a 2019 interview with Us Weekly, Vanderpump confirmed she had no regrets over how everything went down during her final season. "I couldn't have handled anything any differently," the British restaurateur advised, noting she hadn't spoken to Kemsley or PK since. Meanwhile, the Beverly Beach designer told E! News ahead of the season 10 premiere that, without Vanderpump, "It feels like I've come into my own... There isn't this pressure or responsibility to be aligned with someone just because you have to be aligned with them."

She also described herself as finally having the "freedom to have an opinion." The RHOBH star confirmed in a 2020 appearance on Bravo by Betches' Mention it All Podcast, "Sadly, we haven't spoken and that's not because I haven't wanted to or haven't made attempts." However, Kemsley remains optimistic they can figure out their differences some day, admitting, "I always say I'm hopeful for the future and you never know but I'm not stopping life and waiting for it to happen." Only time will tell if "Puppygate" really was the end for these two ladies but, for now, it sure seems like it.