Here's What Jill Duggar's Husband Thinks About Her Nose Ring

Piercings and other body modifications are fast becoming the go-to for rebellious kids looking to break away from their strict families. Take Olivia Plath, the so-called trouble-maker on Welcome to Plathville, who recently reasserted her independence by adding a navel ring to her growing collection. Jill Duggar has similarly broken free from the confines of her own ultra conservative family. Thankfully, Duggar is living happily away from her domineering folks with husband Derick Dillard, who doesn't seem to be controlling how she looks.

In fact, he's been incredibly supportive of her move away from the family, even setting the record straight on Instagram about why they left Counting On in the first place, as per Cheat SheetFollowing his revelations, Duggar began sharing her own point of view on the Dillards' family YouTube channel, where she's opened up about being estranged from the other Duggars, finding some independence of her own, and plenty more besides. Recently, Duggar shared her husband's take on her flashy new nose ring. 

Derick Dillard was surprised by the change in jewelry

In a new video, Duggar revealed that she was swapping out her classic nose stud for a hoop, explaining, "I've been wanting to try a gold hoop nose ring, so I'm going to see what they have," before driving to the parlor to check out the selection alongside a friend, who was getting her own nose pierced. After choosing a simple, small gold hoop, Duggar exclaimed that putting it in was painless, although she acknowledged that she's had it pierced for long enough it shouldn't hurt changing jewelry at this point anyway.

The former Counting On star then cautiously approached her husband, upon returning home, for his all-important opinion on her new look. Although Dillard doesn't control what his wife wears or does, it's obvious his input is very valuable to her. Thankfully, he liked it, telling Duggar simply, "It looks nice." When prompted for more of a reaction, Dillard added, "I think it's cool." Finally, Dillard confirmed he approved of the new jewelry, setting his wife's mind at ease once more.