Ethan Plath Reveals Whether He Wants Kids

Ethan Plath is learning that being a husband is more complicated than he envisioned. During the debut season of his family's reality show, Welcome to PlathvilleEthan slowly grasped how to take a stand against his domineering parents while staying true to his wife Olivia, against intense backlash from them. Season 2 found him completely estranged from his folks, which gave Ethan the freedom to figure out who he is as well as what it takes to make a marriage work

Olivia has assisted in opening his eyes on everything from tattoos to alcohol, but they still struggle to communicate at times, just like any other young couple. Judging by Welcome to Plathvillethere are plenty of things Ethan and Olivia disagree on. But, when it comes to their future, they seem to be on the same page. However, a recent revelation about starting a family suggests there's still work to be done. 

Ethan is almost ready to be a parent

TLC shared a bonus clip of the young couple babysitting for some friends. Ethan and Olivia took care of a little boy at their home, playing soccer with him outside, with Ethan even helping him up after he fell and cried. The Welcome to Plathville star is used to looking after little ones, of course, since he has a whole bunch of younger siblings. When Ethan wondered whether babysitting was comparable to having your own children, Olivia set him straight. Although the couple is eager to have kids, both acknowledged it's too soon. Olivia also took issue with being labeled the disciplinarian, while Ethan hopes to be the fun one. In general, Olivia isn't ready to sacrifice her freedom just yet. 

In an interview with PeopleOlivia elaborated on the couple's position, noting, "Ethan and I both love kids. We're both from large families, and we would definitely love to have a couple of kids." However, she also acknowledged, "in many ways, we're not ready for kids and the fact that we need to heal and process our own childhoods before we bring another child into the world." She suggested, in keeping with their recent push to experience life more fully, "maybe once we've seen a little bit more of the world and made a couple more memories, I think maybe we'd be ready for a couple of kids." Olivia advised, "A couple of years down the road. We're not in a rush."