This Is How Annie LeBlanc Winds Down After A Stressful Day

If you've got a cousin, sister, daughter or niece in your life who's a certain age, then you'll definitely have heard of Annie LeBlanc. As The Sun notes, in spite of the fact she was only born in 2004, LeBlanc is a millionaire who probably won't have to work another day in her life if she doesn't want to. Recently, you may have spotted LeBlanc on Side Hustle alongside fellow young starlet Jayden Bartels. The teen-led chat show is quickly gaining prominence and is typically advertised alongside the high profile likes of iCarly and Victorious (which you are never too old to watch).

Recently, the gymnast turned YouTube sensation, who's also a singer and actress to boot, started going by Jules rather than Annie because her full name is actually Julianna Grace LeBlanc. Trying to find yourself as a teenager makes complete sense and for somebody who's in front of the camera 24/7 it's even more understandable. Thankfully, no matter what madness is going on in her life, LeBlanc knows how to relax and unsurprisingly for a kid her age, she does so in much the same way any other normal teenager (with millions in the bank) would do.

Annie LeBlanc loves to chill out like a normal kid

Much like most regular people, LeBlanc loves to Netflix and chill — except it's usually by herself. She told Girls' Life her favorite way to wind down after a stressful day is to binge-watch Netflix in bed with a big bucket of popcorn. Her go-to shows include The Vampire Diaries and Friends (obviously), although LeBlanc is also a major movie buff, as she told Hollywire. Belying her young years, the YouTube breakout is also a big fan of scented candles and utilizes the "pink and oatmeal-cookie scented" variety to get her in the mood to chill out after a long day. 

When it comes to music, LeBlanc is a huge country fan and picks Brett Young and Sam Hunt as her number ones. In an interview with Schön magazine, LeBlanc admitted, "With so many people watching and viewing my content on a daily basis, it's both exciting and a little scary." She acknowledged, "I have to really focus on taking some time for myself and just being me." Thankfully, it seems LeBlanc knows exactly how to do just that.