How The Waldrops Picked The Names Of Their Sextuplets

TLC's Sweet Home Sextuplets showcases the frequently manic goings on within the insanely busy Waldrop family home. Parents Eric and Courtney have nine children to corral at once, including a set of adorable sextuplets. As People notes, the Waldrops already had a son named Saylor, then 8, and 5-year-old twin boys named Wales and Bridge when they tried for one more kid, only to discover Courtney was carrying six. 

Rather than seeing it as a setback, the happy couple felt "blessed beyond words" by their "sweet little miracles from above." As the kids all get older, things are becoming more complicated for the Waldrops but, as Sweet Home Sextuplets continues to highlight, the family leads with love first. Potty training, for example, is quite the challenge as the hit show detailed (via People). The sextuplets were already special but their chosen monikers make it abundantly clear. 

Courtney Waldrop had the names jotted down for years

The Waldrops certainly couldn't be accused of choosing boring names for their little blessings. As InTouch Weekly notes, the boys are named Layke, Tag and Blu while the girls are called Rayne, Rivers and Rawlings. As Courtney acknowledged during the very first episode of the show, "I like different names... Names you don't hear a lot." Courtney actually used to write down names as they came to her, while she and Eric were just dating, admitting, "You can look at my bible right now and the front page is filled with names." The Sweet Home Sextuplets star noted, "I didn't ever know I would use them all, but I got to!"

Taking to Facebook in 2019, the mother-of-nine elaborated further, noting Rivers was originally River, for a boy, so they changed it to be more feminine. Likewise, "Tag was suggested by a friend, Blu was inspired by a friend, and Rawlings was inspired after playing baseball in the yard with the boys one summer day. I picked up the baseball and thought to myself Rawlings would make a cute girl name if we were to ever have a girl." Courtney acknowledged she didn't intentionally give her kids water names, quipping, "Evidently I just like names that can be related to water!" The Waldrops are a family unlike any other and the sextuplets' names fit perfectly.