What You Need To Know About Buccal Fat Removal

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and wondered who are these amazing makeup artists that are contouring celebrities' jaw lines like that? Well, it may not be the work of these artists. It may also not be the work of a filter (although we can blame those for a lot of unrealistic perfection). It may be due to buccal fat removal. What exactly is this? Buccal fat removal appears to be one of the most-requested facial cosmetic procedures to pop up in the past few years. And it is inspired in large part by famous faces rumored to have undergone the surgery themselves (via Byrdie).


The purpose behind buccal fat removal procedure is to reduce the width of a round face. The name comes from the buccal fat pad, which is a circular mass of fat in your cheek. Dr. Raymond E. Lee, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California, shared with Real Self where to find this face filler. "The buccal fat pad sits deep in the lower cheek, under some muscles," he said. This fat pad may be the reason for the "baby face" appearance or if you have ever felt like your face was too full looking.

People often remove their buccal fat pad to attain more defined features

Buccal fat removal surgery, also known as buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery, is when the buccal fat pads are removed or thinned out (per Healthline). People often do this in hopes for more defined and angular features on their face. The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes, and swelling is expected to dissipate after two weeks.


Post-procedure, you will receive a special mouthwash to prevent infection and asked to go on a liquid diet for a week (via Byrdie). Desired candidates are those who are at a healthy weight, don't smoke, have fuller cheeks, and are in good physical health. This surgery had an average cost in 2020 of $2,325 (via Real Self).

There is nothing wrong if you have a fuller face. For some, it is the sign of youth and good health. But if it is far from your favorite trait, then it is nice to know there are options. Some that are permanent like the buccal fat removal procedure, and others (hello filter!) that are less so.