Here's Where You Might Know The Rapper From The Oikos Commercial

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Perhaps even more than the big game itself, what much of the population-at-large looks forward to most about the Super Bowl is the slate of new commercials. And it would appear as though the 2021 Super Bowl — i.e., Super Bowl LV — is no exception to this. While Super Bowl parties cannot proceed as they would normally due to COVID-19, a number of advertisers are still banking on folks watching. The cost for a 30-second spot this year? Approximately $5.5 million or $183,333 per second, according to Bloomberg.

However, instead of putting all of their money into a broadcast ad, Oikos is opting instead for livestream only: a cheaper and perhaps even more effective route. Danone North America, the brand umbrella under which Oikos falls, saw a great return on investment when trying something similar last year (via Ad Age). "We were pretty astounded by the results," Surbhi Martin, Danone's VP of Marketing, told Ad Age of their decision to go with a digital buy. "It exceeded all of our expectations."

Oikos said their target audience is millennials, and how better to target millennials than by featuring the music of an up-and-coming rapper in their commercial?

Get to know Mizta CEO, the Memphis rapper behind Ugly Face

This year's Oikos commercial, which you can catch on livestream during the Super Bowl pregame show and following the Weeknd's performance at halftime, features professional athletes and fitness trainers making gains (and their ugly faces), all set to rapper Mizta CEO's new song "Ugly Face" (via Ad Age). The artist released the track on Jan. 12, 2021, according to Apple Music.

Mizta CEO currently boasts over 23,000 followers on Instagram, a number that's only set to rise following his Super Bowl debut, with viewers asking, "What's that song?" The Memphis rapper has released three albums throughout his career so far, his most recent being the May 2020 10-track LP No Filter. He's also lent his rhymes to friends' projects, collaborating with rapper Young Trap on his album Betrayed!, which may be where some music fans already know him from (via The Source).

And by having "Ugly Face" be the soundtrack for Oikos' Super Bowl commercial, Mizta CEO is in good company. He's about to be heard by millions. This year alone, Michelob ULTRA licensed the Phife Dawg classic "Can I Kick It?" (via Looper), while Squarespace has tapped Dolly Parton to re-imagine her classic "9 to 5" as "5 to 9" in a salute to side hustlers everywhere.