How Tom Brady's Nighttime Texts Predicted The Super Bowl Outcome

With 7 Super Bowl wins under his helmet, Tom Brady certainly seems to be living up to his G.O.A.T. title (via CNN). Bandwagon fans on the Brady train to any team are singing his praises for a game that was a stunning upset to the favored Chiefs, but according to teammates, the longtime Patriot turned Buccaneer knew his new team was going to take home the Lombardi trophy this year and in late night texts leading up to the "Big Game" he pretty much told them so.

According to Yahoo! Sports, leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl matchup, Brady was sending late night texts to his teammates with encouraging words of wisdom, including for some players, tips on how to approach the game, and others the simple sentiment, "We will win this game."

While it makes sense that the 43-year-old veteran, who has more Super Bowl wins than any franchise team in the history of the NFL, per CBS, might have an inkling about the success of his team, not everyone is sold on the seasoned Brady's success. There are plenty of critics who think the secret of the undefeatable quarterback's wins is a bit more nefarious, and with scandals following the footballer everywhere he goes, including this win against the Chiefs, it's easy to understand why.

Tom Brady has been associated with some unsavory practices

Controversy has surrounded Brady for much of his career, even though it's obvious he's a great player. Some people just need to win at all costs, it seems. As Sports Illustrated notes, from Spygate, when Brady and his former coach with the Patriots Bill Belichick were caught using lip readers to gain information on the plays called by other teams, the unforgettable Deflategate with under inflated footballs giving Brady a significant throwing advantage, or, most recently, Brady getting busted, without repercussions, for practicing with his Buccaneer teammates in the pre-season when COVID restrictions prevented other teams from getting that much needed time on the field, shady behavior seems to follow the athlete wherever he goes. As many viewers and Chief fans noted, it was evident in the Super Bowl, as well.

With the Bucs slated as the underdogs, the game started off seemingly well matched, but suddenly, the referees got involved and seemed to take aim at Kansas City in what seriously looked like favoritism. Forbes pointed out that in the first half of the game alone, the Chiefs were charged with eight penalties for a whopping 98 yards compared to just one penalty for 5 yards by the Buccaneers. Well, you say to yourself, perhaps they were just playing dirty ... not so much.

Many viewers aren't satisfied the Buccaneers outplayed the Chiefs on skill alone

From unnecessary roughness calls and ultra sensitive pass interference calls, fans were willing to overlook the inconsistencies in the first quarter, but the noticeable favoritism reared its ugly head, as Forbes noted, in the second quarter with "the tipped Brady interception that was nullified as a result of a defensive holding call away from the actual play, and a pass interference call on Tyrann Mathieu that placed the ball at the 1-yard-line." Those plays not only changed the score, they changed the attitude on the field.

Chiefs fans weren't the only ones who noticed either. NBC sports analyst Chris Simms took to twitter to express his distaste on the officiating stating, "These are all penalties. The thing is they haven't been called on anyone the whole playoffs." And following that he wrote, "Refs are way to involved in this game."

Regardless of the sentiment after the game, the Buccaneers and Brady have walked away with the win, but for anyone without a stake in the game as a fan or someone with money riding on the win, this Twitter user seems to have hit the nail on the head, when it comes to the matchup, "I feel like it's money involved and or favoritism. I don't think there's always fair play in important games like this and it sucks the fun out of it as a viewer."

At least there were some fun commercials!