Bachelor's Chris Harrison Just Got Canceled From This TV Appearance

The fallout continues for Chris Harrison. The popular host of The Bachelor doesn't normally get as much attention as the contestants do, but that all changed after his recent statements about Rachael Kirkconnell. Widely thought to be the frontrunner for Matt James' final rose, Kirkconnell came under fire for several incidents of racially insensitive behavior, including a college photo in which she attended a plantation-themed party in antebellum garb.

Interviewed about the incident on Extra by former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, Harrison offered the excuse that such parties were more socially acceptable five years ago (via CNN) and asked for "grace" for the shamed contestant. That didn't sit well with Lindsay or with other BIPOC members of the franchise, who came forward to express their disappointment in Harrison's response (via The Hollywood Reporter). Even James, the first Black Bachelor, agreed via Instagram that "change and accountability" was needed on the show.

Harrison subsequently took to social media to announce that he was leaving his hosting duties "for a period of time" in order to reflect on his actions and educate himself on anti-racism. His apology acknowledged that his "words were harmful" and that "my ignorance did damage to my friends, colleagues and strangers alike." However, it looks as though this apology may not be enough to keep his career from taking further hits.

Harrison lost his turn on the wheel

Prior to the controversy, Chris Harrison had taped an episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, where he competed against Robert Herjavec and Alfonso Ribeiro. But fans will have to wait to see him spin the big wheel; the episode, originally scheduled for Feb. 18, has been pushed back to Feb. 25 (per ABC). A source at ABC tells The Sun, "The network is going to play it by ear about what to do moving forward, with hopes to air the episode as of right now on the 25th. But there's a big chance the episode will be scrapped entirely and not air at all."

If Harrison's game does get canceled, the show would have to be re-taped with a different set of celebs. But since celebrity contestants play for charity, presumably Harrison's winnings would still go to his chosen organization, Feeding America. The next few months should give us some idea of whether Harrison's career has gone bankrupt for good, or whether the wheel of fate will eventually put him back on top again.