Heather Rae Young Finally Reveals The Meaning Of Her Unusual Tattoo

Most couples get each other flowers, cards and chocolates for Valentine's Day. But celebrities aren't like the rest of us; they frequently go overboard, indulging in over-the-top displays of affection simply because they have the money and freedom to do so. Who could forget Kanye West hiring Kenny G to perform for wife Kim Kardashian, in their home? Even newer couples do it big, with Michael B. Jordan renting out the Atlanta Aquarium for girlfriend Lori Harvey in spite of the fact they've only been together a couple months (via Metro). 

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young and fiancé Tarek El-Moussa progressed quickly, getting engaged within a year and moving in together after just a handful of dates. Naturally, then, when it came time to mark the most romantic day of the year together, Young didn't take it lightly. In fact, she tattooed "yes sir, Mr. El Moussa" on her hip — or, by certain estimations, her butt — and proudly shared the results on Instagram, only to delete the post after backlash from fans. Now, though, the reality star is ready to reveal the story behind it.

The controversial tattoo is part of a sweet family ritual

During a joint interview with Daily Pop, Young explained simply, "I did it as something special for my fiancé, my future husband," (via E! News). The Selling Sunset star had no idea fans would have such a negative reaction to her pretty new ink, arguing, "I will be Mrs. El Moussa, so this is my name." Young added that the moniker is something they use frequently around the house, predominantly with the Flip or Flop star's children. In particular, they ensure El Moussa is addressed either with "yes sir, daddy" or "yes sir, Mr. El Moussa" as a sign of respect. 

In conjunction with that, Young advised, "He says, 'yes ma'am, Mrs. El Moussa'." She described it as "something cute we do around the house," which is where the idea for the tattoo came from. It has nothing to do with being subservient to a man. El Moussa confirmed, "That's why she took the post down. I was like, 'What is all this? No, no, it's just a cute little thing around the house!'" He loved the design, describing it as "the best gift I ever got." Soon they'll be Mr. and Mrs. El Moussa, so why not make it permanent?