The One Thing Target Employees Want You To Stop Doing

Let's be real: Target is a wonderland of everything one could ever want, need, or dream of. It's easy to get lost in any store, wandering up and down every single aisle (sometimes more than once) in order to find the perfect interior decor, clothing, beauty products, and more that all seem to speak to the soul.

There have been countless memes about shoppers and their undying love for the retailer (via Postize), as well as the superstore's reputation for somehow getting people to spend hundreds of dollars on things they don't need. People even consider going to Target as one of their favorite hobbies or pastimes now (via Twitter).

All jokes aside, though, current and former Target employees are spilling all the tea about the major do's and don'ts when it comes to stepping foot inside the store, and one thing that falls under the "don'ts" category has to do with everyone's habit of casually perusing every section and aisle of the store.

A Target employee shared why 'aimlessly' walking around Target is frowned upon by its employees

"While you may find it fun to aimlessly meander around Target looking at things you don't need, it's a sign to the employees that you could be stealing. If someone asks you if you need help, they're trying to find out if you seem suspicious," one Target employee shared (via Tickld).

Unfortunately, that tactic has affected countless people who have been targeted as shoplifters when they really are just browsing the store, like one school teacher who shared his disturbing experience at a local Target in his area. "So I just got accused of shoplifting @Target. No apology from any staff member. Not sure how many preschool teachers are stealing candy, but it must be a lot," he wrote on March 4.

Another Twitter user shared how Target employees' shoplifting suspicions caused her to purchase things she didn't need, writing on Feb. 23, "If you're wondering what kind of person I am, I bought a knife and cutting board from target just so the employees there wouldn't think I was shoplifting after I couldn't find what i was looking for. Walking out of a store empty handed in [sic] the most nerve wracking thing ever."