Donald Trump Reveals Details Of The Oval Office Letter He Left For Joe Biden

Just over two months after former President Donald Trump left the White House, the reality TV star turned politician is finally revealing the contents of the letter he left for current President Joe Biden. Trump's admission of the details of the letter come as quite a shock, seeing as the one-term president refused to accept the results of the election — scratch that, still refuses to accept the results of the election, as made evident by his continuous claims of voter fraud and how the election was "rigged" months after it was proven that there was no fraud in the 2020 election (via ABC and AP News).

On top of the consistent and inaccurate spread of lies related to the election, Trump refused to attend Joe Biden's inauguration, which not only left a deeper orange stain on the former Apprentice star's political career, but also solidified the fact that it's basically impossible for Trump to accept defeat or loss of any kind. "Donald Trump's brand is about being a winner, about never, ever losing," Mara Liasson said on NPR's All Things Considered in November 2020. "Remember, he's always come out of every loss, like his bankruptcies or failed businesses, somehow making himself look like a winner. This election is the biggest, most public loss he's ever suffered. So the stakes for his political future and his ability to continue to monetize his brand are very high."

In his letter to Biden, Trump maintained that the election was rigged, but wished him luck

In an episode of the podcast The Truth with Lisa Boothe on Monday, March 22, Trump revealed the details of the lengthy letter he wrote Joe Biden, which he insists was "from the heart," although he took some jabs at both Biden and Hillary Clinton because, well, he's Donald Trump. "Basically I wish him luck and, you know, it was a couple of pages long and it was from the heart because I want to see him do well," Trump said. "Look, he's there. It was a rigged election, an election that you know, I would never concede and by the way, Hillary Clinton said he should never concede. Hillary Clinton, the things she said were so horrible" (via New York Post).

"But you know what, he's there, and I want him to do well, but that doesn't include closing up the Keystone Pipeline, which by the way, environmentally is much better than having them on trains, but his friend and supporter Warren Buffett has trains. Nobody ever talks about that," he rambled, before doubling down on the fact that he believes Joe Biden and his family were "bought and paid for" by China.

Donald Trump has yet to speak to Joe Biden

Because the former President broke so many traditions by leaving the White House the way that he did on January 20, there were questions about whether he would leave a letter for incoming President Joe Biden, the way previous presidents have done since Ronald Reagan did for George H.W. Bush in 1989. Before the Inauguration itself, a White House spokesman did, in fact, say that a letter for 46 had been left by 45. Biden himself later confirmed the existence of the letter, saying it was "very generous" but that he wouldn't talk about what it said "because it was private, I won't talk about it until I talk to him" (via USA Today). 

Fun fact: both men have not spoken to this day, even though Biden told CNN's Anderson Cooper during his first town hall as president that he had spoken to former presidents. He would neither confirm nor would he deny who he had spoken to because they were all what he described as "private conversations" — but he did say that: "By the way — all of them, with one exception, have picked up the phone and called me, as well."

Trump lawyer: 'No serious person should believe America's elections can be rigged'

Even as he revealed the contents of the letter, Donald Trump continued to claim that the election was rigged — but he now has one less person fighting in his corner. Sidney Powell, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Rudy Giuliani to support the Trump White House claims that the election had been stolen, is trying to get a lawsuit against her dismissed by saying that no one should have believed her when she said the election was stolen (via Buzzfeed News).

Dominion Voting Systems, which oversees the election systems in Georgia, is suing Powell for $1.3 billion in damages. In its suit, it said instead of retracting her claims of voter fraud, Powell had doubled down because they had evidence of voter fraud (via Axios). In their court filing, Powell's lawyers say that "There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America's elections, in part because they are so decentralized and the number of votes that are cast."

Several thousand lawyers are calling for Powell to be investigated. However the case turns out, we know one thing for certain: Trump won't be calling Biden to chat about the outcome.