How The New Moon On April 12 Will Affect You If You're A Fire Sign

The moon will be dropping soon, and it's important that you know how it may affect you before it does. 

As the Old Farmer's Almanac explains, a new moon occurs when the moon is located between the Earth and the sun, and when the side of the moon that is not lit by the sun is facing the Earth. The process, which often results in the dark side of the moon blending in with the sky, marks the beginning of a lunar cycle and takes place about once a month.

On April 12, as Vogue notes, a new moon will fall, causing a lunar life re-launch that is known to have different impacts on different zodiac signs. So, what should you know if you are a fire sign: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius?

Let's start with Aries (March 21 — April 20), the first sign of the zodiac, which coincides each year with the arrival of spring (via Oprah Daily). According to Vogue, the new moon is expected to accentuate Aries' individuality and spark a strong desire for one to include their personality in day-to-day life. The outlet also says that Aries will see an increase in vulnerability. So, while those with this particular sign tend to be fearless, it may be time for a softer side to come out.

The new moon's impact on Leo and Sagittarius

As for Leo (July 23 — August 23), Vogue explains the new moon will cause Leos to explore new areas of their lives, which could mean that they will seek out a much needed vacation (or vacations) or a new hobby. As Oprah Daily describes it, for Leo, it's about getting beyond the mundane and seeking out something "sparklier."

For Sagittarius (November 23 — December 21), they should expect to feel more balanced with the arrival of the new moon. Vogue notes that this group would be more likely to get flirty as they allow themselves to enjoy more fun after spending the past few months feeling overworked. Per the magazine, it's time for this sign to not only focus on their love lives, but also on spending time doing things they love.

Another new-moon report, shared by Bustle, agreed with Sagittarius' romantic lives being in bloom and added that Sagittarius could spark a love connection with another fire sign. As for those who are already in committed relationships, the outlet encouraged couples to add some excitement into their normal routine.