Here's Why Harry's Attire For Prince Philip's Funeral Is In Question

On Sunday, April 11, Prince Harry arrived in London to attend his grandfather Prince Philip's funeral (via New York Post). The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh "passed away peacefully" at Windsor Castle on April 9 after spending a month in the hospital back in March (via CNN). Unlike other members of the royal family, at his request, Prince Philip will have a scaled-back funeral service on Saturday, April 17. 

The televised ceremony will take place at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, and according to ET OnlinePrince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry will all walk behind the Duke's coffin. This is the first time Harry will be back home and participating in a ceremonial royal event after he was stripped of his official titles at the beginning of the year. Now that Harry is no longer a royal, his attire for the ceremony will be quite different from that of his father and brother. 

Prince Harry will not be wearing his military uniform to Prince Philip's funeral

When it comes to royal funeral rules, a member of the royal family must always travel with an all-black outfit just in case. This rule was set by the queen after her father, King George VI, died while she and Prince Philip were on a ship to Australia (via Daily Express). The queen didn't have an all-black mourning outfit to wear, so now, every member must travel with one. 

So, you can expect everyone in attendance at Prince Philip's funeral to be wearing all-black clothes, but Prince Charles and Prince William will be in their military uniforms as well. However, Prince Harry will not. This is because, according to Hello! magazineafter Harry was stripped of his royal role of Captain General of the Royal Marines, he cannot wear the corresponding uniforms. He can still wear his medals if he chooses. Prince Andrew will also not be wearing his military uniform for the same reason. The Duke of York stepped away from his royal duties in 2019, so it seems both Prince Harry and Prince Andrew will be wearing black suits instead.