What A Body Language Expert Noticed During Mike Lindell's Kimmel Interview - Exclusive

This was a made-for-TV, Hollywood moment between late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell, who rose to fame as one of the businessmen in former President Donald Trump's inner circle. Lindell's appearance on the late-night talk show circuit was booked and confirmed, even as more than a few were worried that the appearance would give the conservative businessman a wider platform for what many believe are his conspiracy theories. 

In a petition to Kimmel's producers, the political watchdog Common Cause had warned that Lindell's appearance would provide him with a platform to spread his conspiracy theories about the November presidential elections. "We believe that having Mr. Lindell on your show will give him a bigger platform to spread his lies and disinformation, and knowingly mislead the public about the integrity of our election systems. To be clear, even joking about his conspiracy theories can lead to the spread of disinformation," the letter said.

Lindell displayed 'honesty and sincerity' — expert

We were prepared for Mike Lindell to present his election fraud theories before Jimmy Kimmel and his audience, and as body language expert Lauren Cohen told The List, the pillow salesman did not disappoint, because he did it with fire. "Lindell is passionate and theatrical, and his body shows passion and conviction. He is all in when he is in conversation. From leaning forward to moving his brows and using exaggerated facial expressions, you can mute the TV and still have an idea what his mood is. When he laughs his whole body moves. Whether or not you agree with Mike Lindell or not, he is consistent and all in and passionate about his views," Cohen said.

"He opens and lifts ... his hands and palms trying to display sincerity and honesty. He [Lindell] nods his head quickly to demonstrate he is listening and engaged and leans his head forward frequently as well. His body language used almost primitive instincts to show his interest," Cohen explained to The List.

Lindell displayed unease when he was addressing this point — expert

Lauren Cohen pointed out to The List that Mike Lindell openly displayed unease at just one point during the late-night interview, and that was "when ... Jimmy Kimmel pressed him about his most recent conversations with former President Trump. His hands were fidgeting a bit and he did some self-soothing with his fingers." Cohen said Lindell's body language had changed significantly because "his body stiffened and his hands and demeanor changed then. His muscles tightened in his face and neck and he shook a bit and just was clearly not comfortable."

Otherwise, Cohen said that the salesman "was seated and gripped the armchairs with his hands in a way where his body was quite open to Jimmy. The way he was seated was quite grounding for him but also communicated that he wanted to be in the conversation."

Cohen gave Lindell high marks for taking part in the interview, because he likely went in expecting to be the object of ridicule and derision, without having the power to do anything about It. "He [Lindell] was a phenomenal sport to show up and come on the show considering he had to know that ran the risk of getting ripped apart by Jimmy Kimmel!" Cohen told The List.