The Real Reason Nobody Knows Where Steve Irwin Is Buried

"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin died in 2006, but his legacy lives on through his surviving children, Bindi and Robert, and wife Terri, who continue to run the Australia Zoo founded by his parents. In fact, when Bindi was celebrating her first Mother's Day in 2021, she posted a portrait on Instagram that featured her dearly departed father holding baby girl Grace, noting, "I wish we could all be together but sometimes life has other plans." The dedicated animal rights activist told The Bump, "I want to make sure our baby girl gets to know my dad and thankfully we have many documentaries and photos we can share with her. I think she'll love getting to watch footage of Dad working with all kinds of animals and learning about his legacy."

General interest in the legendary Crocodile Hunter remains high, too, with Aussie site Woman's Day reporting in May 2021 that the long-rumored biopic about him is still in the works, with major celebs including Russell Crowe and Chris Hemsworth vying for the lead role. There was a global outpouring of grief when Steve died at the early age of 44 following a deadly encounter with a stingray midway through shooting a wildlife documentary in Queensland. Although his life was an open book, wife Terri made it clear that, when it comes to Steve's final resting place, fans will be left wanting.

The Crocodile Hunter's final wishes were honored accordingly

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, stories circulated in the aftermath of Steve Irwin's death that claimed he had been buried within the confines of the Australia Zoo, in Queensland, or alternatively cremated. The ceremonial trappings allegedly included a crocodile. There were also suggestions his remains had been fed to crocodiles which his wife, Terri, shot down as "baseless" and "offensive." According to Steve's father, Bob, discussion of the burial is "strictly taboo." He noted, "The only person who is likely to talk is Terri. You would have to get the OK before I said anything.” A family friend claimed Terri made her husband's allegedly unconventional last wishes clear and was in charge of everything. 

Steve reportedly considered himself not important enough for a state funeral. Instead, the ceremony took place at the zoo, with decoys utilized to throw the media off the scent at the time. His body arrived by car at Australia Zoo, leading many to believe the beloved conservationist was buried there. There was also a BBQ and a marquee set up at one stage, seemingly hinting that Steve's wake took place on the property, too. In a subsequent interview, Terri advised simply, ”Steve had particular wishes for after he died and I carried out his particular wishes." She added, ”He lived life so big that he just wanted some personal privacy at that point, and I gave him that. So, there's just a handful of people who will ever know.”