Jeremy Vuolo Reveals The Moment That Turned His Life Around

Former MLS goalkeeper Jeremy Vuolo went from the soccer field to the small screen as part of the reality TV show "Counting On," alongside his wife Jinger Duggar. Vuolo met Duggar, who's a member of the "19 Kids and Counting" family, in 2015 and got close thanks to their faith (via Hello). The couple recently published their first book "The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God," where they outline the highs and lows of their relationship.

"I wasn't in a hurry to get married. I figured I would meet the right person eventually, and I didn't want to rush anything. I hadn't had any relationships with guys so far," Duggar wrote in the book (via InTouch Weekly). "No one had seemed like quite the right fit. I didn't only want someone who was tall, dark, and handsome — though those qualities wouldn't hurt. I wanted a man who loved God more than he loved me." 

But even before Vuolo met his wife, he had an incident that completely changed his perspective on life.

Jeremy Vuolo was arrested as a college student

Back when Jeremy Vuolo was a college student at Hartwick College in New York state, he was arrested for grabbing a police officer while drunk and then had to pay $250 in fines. At the time, Vuolo was going to lots of parties and began distancing from his family because he was trying to hide his lifestyle from them. "I was just kind of on a path of hanging out with people that had the wrong idea of where they were going and just getting kind of absorbed in that life," Vuolo told Us Weekly in April 2021. "It was a huge wake-up call." Vuolo turned to his Christian faith to find purpose and that later helped him throughout his relationship with Duggar.

While Vuolo and Duggar were hesitant about their relationship at the beginning, they overcame the obstacles and are now married with two daughters. "There was a moment where it did seem like the relationship was a no-go at that point," Vuolo told Hello. "I just remember thinking one thing is I can't give up. I don't have the faith to give up."