The Cast Of Friends Reveals If There Will Ever Be A Friends Movie

After several months, but really 17 years, of waiting "Friends: The Reunion" is finally upon us. The beloved sitcom wrapped up its insanely popular ten year run in 2004, as per IMDb, and ever since fans have been begging the cast to reunite or, better yet, do more episodes. Although the one-off special isn't a new installment, as rumored for a while, it brought the iconic sextet back together and gave them the space to reminisce about working together, becoming best friends for real, and lots more. 

There were plenty of standout moments throughout the 104-minute event, which was hosted by James Corden and included a whole host of wonderful guest stars, some of whom appeared on "Friends" and others who were simply famous super-fans (via People). We should take solace in the fact, as CNN notes, "It's the closest to a scripted "Friends" reunion we're apt to get," since the cast doesn't seem particularly jazzed about getting back together again. But what if it means gracing the big screen?

Are things better left as they are?

As the BBC reports, one of the biggest talking points of "Friends: The Reunion" was whether this is really a one-off, or if it's actually the start of something bigger. Although we've waited anxiously for the moment the cast would finally reunite for almost two decades, by getting them back together, many fans' hopes that this reunion would lead to more were significantly increased. As CNN pointed out in a review of the show, one of the sweetest elements was how quickly the six actors, who became friends for real both on and off-air, slid back into their easy rapport. There were tears, laughs, and much reminiscing about the good old days. However, when controversial host James Corden posed the question of whether the cast would ever come back for real, perhaps for "Friends: The Movie," the response wasn't exactly positive. 

According to the BBC, when asked whether she'd ever considered returning, Lisa Kudrow, who played the lovably flighty Phoebe, admitted, "No. I'm sorry, I haven't." The actress explained how series co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane once said, "they ended the show very nicely, everyone's lives are very nice, and they would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories. And I don't want anyone's happy ending unraveled." She agrees with their assessment. Likewise, as Kudrow noted, in a reference to one of Phoebe's favorite words, "at my age, to be 'floopy'? Stop. You have to grow up."