The Heartbreaking Death Of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Singer BJ Thomas

After a short battle with lung cancer, musician B.J. Thomas died in his home in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday. According to CNN, the five-time Grammy Award winner announced that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in March. The "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" singer is survived by his wife of 53 years, Gloria; three daughters Paige Thomas, Nora Cloud, and Erin Moore; and four grandchildren Nadia Cloud, Keira Cloud, Ruby Moore, and Billy Joe Moore.

Thomas first found success in the music industry when he released the song "Hooked on a Feeling" in 1968. Then, in 1970, Thomas achieved superstardom after performing the Burt Bacharach and Hal David song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" on the "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" soundtrack, according to CNN. Though the singer struggled through substance abuse at the height of his career, he eventually overcame his addiction and became a born-again Christian in 1976. This change in his life led him to pursue a career in gospel music. Thomas' five Grammy wins were for religious-themed gospel songs.

Thomas was 78 years old when he died on Saturday, May 29.

Thomas wanted his music to live on through his fans

When B.J. Thomas announced his diagnosis, he also took the time to acknowledge the love he had for his family and his appreciation for his success in the music industry. "I just wanted to take this unique opportunity to share my gratitude to Gloria, my wonderful wife and my rock for over 53 years, my family, friends, and fans," Thomas said in a statement, according to People magazine. "I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to record and perform beautiful songs in pop, country, and gospel music, and to share those wonderful songs and memories around the world with millions of you. I ask all of you for your prayers during this time and that my music can live on with you."

Singer Dionne Warwick, who once sang a duet with Thomas, posted a tribute to her friend on Twitter. "My sincere condolences to the family of one of my favorite duet partners, BJ Thomas," Warwick tweeted. "I will miss him as I know so many others will as well. Rest In Peace my friend." Other celebrities also took to Twitter to post tributes about Thomas. Even the former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, paid tribute to Thomas on his Twitter page. "One of the greatest voices in pop music," Huckabee tweeted. "My privilege to have @TheBJThomas on my show and play music with him. Gracious, humble, & his voice a remarkable gift from God. Condolences to his family."