The Makeup Removing Trick That TV Makeup Artists Swear By

Beautiful red lipstick is timeless and classic. A lovely red lip never goes out of style, it seems (via Real Simple). The gorgeous hue is so popular as a lip color that New York Magazine created a list of the 29 best shades of all time. However, achieving the perfectly painted crimson pout isn't always easy. It seems like it never fails. You finally find and wear a great red lipstick shade only to have it smear all around your mouth, ruining your glamorous look. The only place that doesn't seem to happen is when your favorite character on a TV show rocks a red lip, and there's an excellent reason for that.

Rebecca Perkins, a former television show makeup artist for shows like "Law & Order SVU" and "30 Rock," and founder of SheSpoke, explained it all to Byrdie. "You know how stars always look perfect even when they're standing in the rain or how there is never a drop of sweat even if they're a cop busting perps in the heat of the summer? Well, that's because every time the director yells 'CUT!' someone like me runs in with blotting papers, sponges, brushes, and various tools to move that hair and makeup back into perfect place," she revealed.

The good news for you is that makeup artists learn some fantastic tricks while keeping actors perfectly made up, and Perkins shared her best tip for removing smeared red lipstick, and it's surprising.

Here's the surprisingly affordable red lipstick removing hack

Often it seems that if your red lipstick smears, there's almost nothing to do about it because the pigment stains the area around your mouth. Redoing your whole look is a stressful concern, which might keep you from busting out your favorite red shade even if you really want it. However, makeup artist Rebecca Perkins shared a simple and affordable tip for removing a clownish crimson mistake, and the great news is that if somebody in your household shaves, you might already have the product on hand.

"Barbasol ($2) is a super-concentrated formula that can remove fake blood stains as well as red lipstick transfers. For most other color lipsticks, we can use a sponge with a bit of creme concealer on it to lift the transferred makeup up and away. This not only lifts the redness of leftover lipstick pigment, it deposits a bit of correcting tone at the same time," Perkins explained to Byrdie.

Perkins also gave another great trick for the rosy-hued lip color, especially if you plan on kissing somebody. "Matte reds are by far the longest-lasting lip colors. For some reason, that red doesn't want to move. So even if you're afraid of the high-maintenance touching-up required for a bold lip, remember that reds actually tend to last much longer." Now with these simple hacks, you can enjoy wearing a gorgeous shade of red with minimal issues and easy mistake correction.