Is This How Princess Diana Would Have Felt About Meghan Markle?

It's been a few months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke the internet by opening up to Oprah Winfrey about their difficulties as working members of the royal family, which included accusations of racism and intense bullying. In the months since, every source, insider, and passing shoe-shiner has graciously offered their two cents about what various members of the royal family really think about the ongoing controversy. In the case of Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, it's slightly more difficult since the beloved royal is no longer with us — but that has not stopped royal watchers from speculating. 

Back in April, Us Weekly reported that, according to royal expert Andrew Morton, Diana would not have approved of the infamous interview. "She would have felt that Harry and Meghan probably went nuclear way too soon," Morton, who consulted on Netflix mega-hit "The Crown," advised. His seemed like a somewhat surprising stance, given the People's Princess' well-documented issues with privacy and press intrusion, which is surely something she and Meghan could have bonded over. Now, another expert is weighing in on how Diana might have really felt about the former actor. 

Strong personalities on both sides could have led to clashes

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl told The Sun's Fabulous magazine that Princess Diana would have been delighted to see Prince William settled down with wife and "perfect match" Kate Middleton, but the People's Princess might have had more trouble accepting Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle. According to Nicholl, the beloved royal would likely have had mixed feelings about her two daughters-in-law. Acknowledging it's tough to guess how Diana would really feel about Markle, the author surmised, "She would have loved the fact that Harry married a bi-racial, divorced Hollywood actress. This was Harry shaking things up, whether that was or wasn't what he set out to do." However, the Sussexes' decisions to leave the royal family and open up so frankly about their many issues with The Firm might have given Diana pause. 

Although the late royal felt comfortable criticizing Prince Charles, "she would never have dared to [criticize] the Queen." As a result, Nicholl reckons, "Harry and Meghan haven't been as clever as she was." Further, Ingrid Seward, who edits the royal-themed publication Majesty magazine, opined that the two women would have clashed due to their comparably "strong" personalities. Seward suggested Meghan also would not have felt comfortable taking Diana's advice, which could have caused conflict between them.

The Sussexes stepped back from official duties in early 2020. William and Harry are due to meet later this week for the first time since they notably clashed at the funeral for their grandfather, Prince Philip.

Princess Diana may have been 'intimidated' by Meghan Markle

Princess Diana's biographer, Andrew Morton, shot back at claims she wouldn't have gotten along with Meghan Markle. As The Mirror notes, Morton, who memorably penned "Diana: Her True Story," which was released in 1992, explained Diana might have been "taken aback on first meeting" the American actress but would have warmed to her over time. Morton echoed what other royal experts have already argued, about Diana's impression of the warm, even shy Kate Middleton, while also suggesting, "As for Meghan, she would find the energetic American [mesmerizing] and intimidating."

In particular, Diana's biographer reckons the late princess would've been impressed by Markle's public speaking abilities, which is something she worked to get better at for most of her life. However, "as she got to know her and see the vulnerable side of a woman who suffered mental trauma during her first pregnancy — as did Diana — they would have bonded."

The loving mother would be happy for Prince Harry regardless

According to those who were close to the late Princess Diana, she most likely would've just wanted her sons to be happy. The Mirror notes Diana's former friend, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, saying, "She'd really just be so proud." During an appearance on "Good Morning Britain," Fergie noted, "Even before they got married, Diana would have been just literally going 'I can't believe these boys have done so well.'" According to Diana's long-time buddy, the People's Princess would've embraced her sons' wives too, because both women are doing equally well in life. 

Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, went even further, saying to Closer magazine, "Harry went for and married Meghan because she's like Diana" (via Perth Now). Although the two women might have clashed occasionally, because they're both known as strong-willed and intent on standing up for what they believe in, there's no denying the similarities between the two of them. This, coupled with Diana's motherly love toward Prince Harry, would likely have guaranteed a sweet relationship between the most important women in his life.