These Are The Worst Colors You Can Wear During The Summer

When summer roles around, everyone is excited to change our their seasonal wardrobes and pull out their summer looks. While we are all too ecstatic about outdoor lunches, long walks through the park at night, and even those rooftop bars, we don't always consider what we will wear to each activity. As it comes with summer, the heat can be truly killer for many of us. Too much time in the heat and the sun can cause us to feel exhausted and even sweat more than normal (via Men's Health)

That's why picking the right color and the right outfit is crucial to having our summertime fun. The outfit is important, yes, but the color is even more critical. We don't want to pick colors that will leave us in a bad light or a bad way. Therefore, avoiding certain colors when out and about is super important during the summer. Even as important as ordering the right summertime cocktail

Don't wear these colors during the summer

It's pretty well known that wearing black in the summer is a bad idea. Wearing black during the summertime is guaranteed to make you feel run down and hot. This is because black clothing is known to absorb more heat (via NPR). When you're absorbing that heat, you're going to feel sweaty, sluggish, and overall bad. This can totally ruin your day or night out, and can even cause things like heatstroke if you're out in the sun and heat for too long (via Mayo Clinic). 

Wearing lighter colors is a better idea, but you also want to avoid things that are too light like gray. Gray is known to be the "least forgiving" color during the summer. As Simplemost points out, light and dark gray shirts and even dresses show the most sweat stains during the summertime months. The last thing you want is to be out with friends taking pictures and get tagged in a photo where you have huge, wet sweat stains on your shirt! 

The best color for the summer? White. This light and breezy shade doesn't showcase sweat or cause you to overheat (via Win!