Inside Sexy Beasts' Kelechi & Martha's Relationship Today

Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" is, apparently, the logical next step in dating shows. Contestants go out together and take part in various activities as normal — but, crucially, their identities are concealed by heavy prosthetics throughout, which makes them resemble various, well, beasts. It's kind of like "The Masked Singer," except participants — most of whom, to be clear, are traditionally good-looking underneath it all — are proving their worth as potential lovers, rather than performers. Love is expected to bloom as a result.

The initial reviews for "Sexy Beasts" ran the gamut from disgust (with Den of Geek proclaiming the show's very existence "proves that God has abandoned his creation") to disappointment (NBC News argued it "fails at every level") and total bafflement (Wired opined that it's neither shocking nor entertaining enough). But, the big question is: were there any actual love matches created amidst the madness? Specifically, we need to know if Kelechi (the Rooster) and Martha (the Deer) are still hanging out. Let's take a look.

There's still hope for this transatlantic couple

Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" truly saved the best for last in Episode 6, which starred Kelechi, the Rooster and a Tennessee native who's currently studying to be a pharmacist, per Newsweek. As the Rooster, Kelechi was concerned about potential dates getting distracted by his "dangly bits," but otherwise had no issues with the concealed identities aspect of the show. The Deer was portrayed by Martha, a sales executive who hails from the U.K. and admitted to somehow once flying to the States by mistake, the outlet noted. Although they ended up together on the show, it's tricky trying to track their post-"Sexy Beasts" journey since both parties primarily use their social media for fun, fluffy stuff. 

They obviously live on entirely separate continents, but follow each other on Instagram and frequently like each other's stuff (including sexy photos of one another), so that all seems promising. There could definitely still be hope for the future since, as The Cinemaholic notes, Kelechi did describe them having a "really natural energy together," on their date, noting, "it's just been super easy" and confirming his decision was based entirely off Martha's winning personality. Likewise, when they finally came face to face, the physical attraction was obvious. Martha does love visiting America too, so perhaps the duo will cross paths again at a later stage. For the time being, they seem to be on good terms at the very least.