This New Glossier Lip Product Is A Go-To For The Summer

Coming out from the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic has made us question what things in our lives we have the time and patience to bring back. As it turns out, track suits are a revelation, that meeting could have been an email, and perhaps most notably, after over a year of regular mask-wearing, maybe bold lipsticks aren't as in as they once were. Indeed, some semblance of normal life appears to be returning, and while the excitement is real, many of us are hoping to slowly reintegrate into what used to be daily habits. With that slow progression might just come a surge of people reaching for lip products that aren't their normal matte, bold lipsticks — and that's where Glossier comes in.

Experts predict that there's a new Glossier lip product that will be an easy go-to for the summer, and is predicted to be so popular that it might even linger into the next season.

This show stopping lip product will cost you a modest $18

Glossier CEO Emily Weiss teased fans with a clip of singer Olivia Rodrigo using a mystery lip product. In the caption of the clip she shared, Weiss called the lip product in question the brand's "most exciting lip product ever" (via Byrdie), and that lip product is Glossier's new Ultralip. The "no-makeup makeup" company describes the product as follows: "The rich moisture of a balm, the sheen of a gloss, and the buildable color of a lip tint, without the hassle of layering multiple products," per Glossier. The Ultralip comes in nine different shades and is going for a pretty reasonable $18 — plus, you can feel good wearing it, as it boasts being vegan and cruelty free.

So far, the reception to the Ultralip has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Erin Lukas via InStyle, the product has first and foremost been perfect for the summer for her, since it's not heavy or prone to smearing. In addition, Lukas explained that she has found the formula to sit comfortably on her lips due to its impressive ingredients. "The formula is powered by four sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules for moisture," she wrote, "and a nourishing oil blend of meadowfoam, jojoba, and watermelon to lock in hydration."

It's no wonder Glossier is calling the product the "sweatpants of lipsticks."