Why You Recognize The Actors In The Tostitos One Upper Commercial

These days, if you're not using cheeky humor and Hollywood A-Listers in your advertisements, are you really even trying to sell a product? Historically, this has proven to be a pretty effective way to garner attention for your product. In fact, according to Chron, celebrity endorsements are some of the most wildly influential elements of a successful marketing campaign. In fact, it even has a name. It's called the "celebrity effect," and it's a phenomenon that highlights a famous person's ability to influence someone to do something. Seeing a famous person that you recognize in an ad makes you feel like you can trust them, which automatically adds credibility to whatever it is that they are selling. If Matthew McConaughey tells us that Lincolns are the best cars on the market, you'd better believe that we'll be buying a Lincoln (via USA Today).

Some commercials featuring celebs are successful simply because they're funny and memorable, which is exactly why we're still talking about Tostitos' most recent ad.

Fans are celebrating the enlistment of two gay icons for this Tostitos ad

Frito-Lay, the parent company for Tostitos, made a smart move with their most recent commercial, which brought attention to their spicy habanero chips. They decided to cast two of Hollywood's funniest people: Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy. In the ad, McKinnon, best known for her stint on "SNL" and starring roles in numerous comedies, is featured alongside Levy, whose most iconic role was as David Rose in "Schitt's Creek" (via Variety). The two actors know how to bring the laughs, and laughter is certainly the name of the game in their Tostitos ad, called "One Upper." In it, the duo take turns one-upping each other about how they would describe the spiciness of the habanero chips, using both verbal and physical representations, including McKinnon popping and locking, and Levy going to the floor with (an attempt at) a split (via YouTube).

Fans are loving the McKinnon and Levy duo, not only because they're both so darn funny, but because they're both openly gay (via Queerty). One Twitter user commented on this fact, writing: "Someone at Tostitos, probably: 'Yeah, I just don't think enough gay people are buying our chips.' Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy: 'Say less. We got you.'"

Another Twitter user really hit the nail on the head with a tweet that read, "Okay, but that Tostitos Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy commercial is funny! And also gay. So I love it."