Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're An Aries

Finding the perfect color palette for your closet is all about identifying your personal style and what sparks joy for you. Are you boho-chic with tons of sumptuous ruby reds, emerald greens, and azure blues? Or are you all about minimalism, à la Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, preferring pitch black, stark white, and creamy tan? Even if your personal style is a mix of rosy cottagecore, soft girl, and dark academia, there are other ways of identifying your color palette. Some prefer to analyze their complexion undertones — whether spring, summer, fall, or winter — while others like to look to the stars for help. Yes, you can find your perfect color palette using your zodiac sign -– and it's crazy-accurate. 

If you're an Aries, you guessed it: your best hues are fiery and just a bit wild -– in a good way. Aries are known for following their true passions with unmatched zeal, living life with inimitable fervor. With that kind of energy, it's no wonder Aries signs love to party –- and have the gorgeous outfits to match. Never trend-obsessed, Aries like functional clothes that still represent their "electric joie de vivre" (via Allure) and eternal youth. While this sign is known for its temper (they're impatient rams, after all), Aries are all about having tons of boisterous fun with their loved ones and always looking the part. When it comes to fashion, this sign needs to wear hues that are just as bold as they are. Here's everything to know about Aries' perfect color palette.

Of course, fiery rams need some red

As per Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aries walk "head first," just like the ram that symbolizes them. Leaning forward with "speed and focus," an Aries "loves to be number one," is notoriously "bold and ambitious," and just won't take no for an answer (via Allure). Is it any wonder this sign's best color is the brightest look-at-me red in the color wheel? As explained by Now Let's Get Going, "it's no surprise that a fiery Aries personality hailing from Mars should wear the color that represents fire and blood." Crimson, scarlet, and cherry-red will get you in touch with your strongest natural traits, providing major motivation to reach your goals.

The Good Trade describes the color red as the shade of "anger, love, passion, and power," emotions that bring to mind "energetic" yet "turbulent" Aries signs (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). You might already know from past (slightly risky) behavior: you're "naturally brave" and "rarely afraid" -– whether that means defending your best friend against a bully, exhibiting just a bit of road rage, or having the confidence to get ahead of the pack. Loving an Aries sign isn't for the faint of heart: just like the color red, this sign brings out "strong emotions on either end of the spectrum." Red makes for a "powerful impression," and nothing is more Aries than that.

Wear your perfect candy-red hues in the form of a patent garnet crossbody bag, a mysterious ruby wool hat, or Dorothy-esque sparkly heels.

For Aries: a dose of calming camel for good measure

On the other end of the spectrum, surprisingly enough, Aries are all about deep camel and tan hues. Reminiscent of Mars' rugged, slightly bronze soil, neutral shades will add a dose of relaxation to electric Aries signs -– a welcome change indeed. Camel will bring out the ram sign's "confident, sultry" side (via Now Let's Get Going), which can sometimes be hidden by Aries' spirited, loud personality. Yes, an Aries will probably be the life of the party, making tons of soon-to-be inside jokes and forming fast friendships. But once Aries signs get home, they love watching Netflix in their sweatpants and eating some junk food, especially with a partner that knows their most intimate quiet side.

When it comes to fashion, the ram enjoys basking in the spotlight, but will never let their clothes wear them. Aries signs like wearing comfortable clothing that lets them move freely and be active, while still flattering their shape and illuminating their face (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). That's why tan hues are perfect for Aries: they're as cozy as a teddy bear, relaxed and understated, yet they allow your natural beauty to shine. These shades also symbolize Aries' straightforward demeanor: per Allure, this sign wants to move forward at all costs, so don't be overly complicated with them –- you've been warned!

When trying this shade, Aries should go for a perfect camel coat for fall, a vintage tan leather satchel, or a silky, deep bronze midi skirt — neutral perfection!

Aries find brightness and positivity in mustard

As with Aries' signature color red, deep mustard hues represent this sign's fiery side. Since "you wear your passionate energy on your sleeve" (via Now Let's Get Going), Aries signs will welcome yellow shades for their natural positivity and vibrancy. The Good Trade describes yellow as the color of "brightness, energy, warmth, and attention," which fit sparkling, feisty Aries to a T. Wearing the warm, peppy shade ensures your outfit is a head-turner, drawing people to your natural charisma. Plus, we associate marigolds and canary-yellow with the sun,  a perfect representation of Aries' ability to turn on the heat.

Aries are "audacious" and have a "cheerful disposition" no matter where they go -– you'll rarely hear them complain (via Allure). Lively yellow hues are just as happy-go-lucky, while quelling Aries' zealous, slightly pushy streak. Calming and joyful, sunflower yellow is the perfect happy medium for the ram sign. It'll center you in your positive energy while skimming over your conflictive edges and temper. "It's hard to feel sad" when wearing yellow (via The Good Trade), which is a great sell for Aries: This sign notoriously prefers to ignore the negatives and will never dwell or brood for too long. 

Wear your best daffodil hues in the shape of a lemon cashmere-knit sweater, the brightest pineapple-yellow rain boots, a deep butterscotch fringed bag in supple leather, or a yellow wallet for money luck and major goal manifesting (via Your Tango).

Celebrate your regal streak with deep purple

Aries might be the first sign in the zodiac wheel, giving them enviable agelessness, but they're still leaders –- young monarchs, if you will. As Co-Star Astrology explains, this fire sign will "naturally take charge," rising to the top as they gain power and respect in their field or friendship groups. Aries are "courageous," and as leaders, they bring adventure and excitement to the table, too. And it's not just about a show of strength -– per Astrology Zodiac Signs, an Aries is "ready to be the hero of the day," helping their community. The perfect kings and queens, it's little surprise Aries connect to deep purple hues.

According to The Good Trade, plum is the color of "wealth" and "royalty," recalling Aries' determination and ambition. This sign sees every party as a chance to make industry connections, and "you'll rarely meet an Aries who isn't capable of finishing several things at once, often before lunch break" (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Their drive takes them far, and Aries eventually find major success. Purple is associated with royalty because it was once "made from a rare seashell only found in what is now-Lebanon," reserved just for the monarchy. Although Aries signs don't usually get caught up in royal-watching or Megxit drama, they appreciate any rise to power.

Wear these regal tones in a grape-purple, silky button-down, a lavender ruffled miniskirt for an extra-femme approach, a mulberry crossbody, or plum suede booties.

Rust-orange and copper pay tribute to your ruling planet Mars

Not as downright sprightly as yellow, but not as deeply passionate and fiery as cherry red, Aries feel right at home in rust and blood-orange. As juicy as Aries' secret love of gossip (they have to let go sometimes), deep orange hues fit the ram's warm, vibrant personality perfectly. Now Let's Get Going cites rust and copper as the best representation of Aries' planet Mars, which gives this sign its impulsivity, independence, desire for action, honesty, and yes, their temper that flares up like flames every now and then (via Sun Signs). Aries can pay homage to their red-orange planet by wearing all its most evocative hues.

As per Allure, Aries are known for their "direct" approach, signaling what they like and dislike as clearly as a tangerine traffic cone. Plus, this youthful sign will always live their life with "blind optimism," represented by high-spirited, electrifying orange. The Good Trade describes orange as the shade of "enthusiasm," "happiness," and "energy," which goes perfectly with Aries' confident, positive disposition (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Aries are acutely represented by "vibrant and attention-grabbing" fire-orange and pumpkin, which will make this sign tap into their natural people skills and charisma. If Aries are already major social butterflies, this color will make them even more extroverted than they already are.

Wear the most energetic color by trying out a rust leather belt with a vintage gold buckle, a satin copper dress, or a bright tangerine t-shirt for summer.

For Aries, soothing ivory is perfect for brunch

After the warmest of yellows, reds, and oranges, plus royal purples and cozy camel shades, it's time for a palate-cleanser: simple ivory. You may think this stark hue is the furthest color from Aries' fierce dynamo personality -– but that's exactly the point. Ram signs can learn a thing or two about serenity, and in lieu of a spa retreat, shades like ecru and bone can do the trick.

Now Let's Get Going cites cream as a perfect color for Aries, which will "calm down even the most chaotic rams" and will work great for Sunday brunch. Even if you don't wake up in time for pancakes, off-white will bring you peace, and it might tempt you to smell the roses for once. While Aries signs are go-getters, they rarely appreciate their many milestones. Per Astrology Zodiac Signs, rams are all about lightning speed and will "quickly perform any given tasks." While that makes for a quick climb up the social or work ladder, Aries signs don't meditate on the past enough to realize their strength and smarts. That's why creamy shades are necessary for rams: like a spa robe, they'll make you realize what life has to offer here and now.

For this shade, try out a floaty, backless ivory dress in cotton or linen, or go for the perfect cream button-down that brings brightness to work meetings. When in doubt, go for a gorgeous off-white activewear set for yoga.

Aries' biggest no's? Black, pure white, and pink

Now that we know all about Aries' best colors, it's important to note what hues this sign should keep away from. The top shade to avoid we didn't see coming? Black, which Now Let's Get Going says Aries "should avoid like Times Square at Santa-Con." Well, then! Although black means business, pairing perfectly with this sign's work mentality, it "does not harmonize well with others." Since Aries are the social butterflies of the zodiac, finding themselves through communication and social gatherings, there's no way this sign would risk putting off other people. Even worse, black represents Saturn, otherwise known as Aries' "sworn enemy." As per Tarot, Saturn is known for "being cautious" and for its "discipline" and "responsibility," while Aries are impulsive and "trailblazing." Yeah, not compatible.

Other colors passionate Aries should avoid at all costs? Bubblegum pink and pure white. According to Now Let's Get Going, they will put out this sign's inner fire, dimming their "independent and creative nature." Ram signs are flaming and fierce, with Co-Star Astrology noting their best careers range from stunt double to part-time punk. While creamy ivory can be relaxing for Aries, colorless white just feels empty and boring (via The Good Trade). Meanwhile, pink is overly romantic (a big no!) and can feel too flowery. Candy-sweet pink and snow white just don't mesh with red-hot rams, especially with their rollercoaster ride of emotions and their need to "feel things intensely" (via Co-Star Astrology) at every turn.