Chris Cuomo Has Harsh Words For Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Chris Cuomo has no interest in walking on eggshells when it comes to addressing issues pertaining to COVID-19. Florida governor Ron DeSantis joined Cuomo as a guest on a recent episode of "Cuomo Prime Time," in which he discussed COVID-19 updates within Florida. But Cuomo certainly didn't take it easy on the governor, asking him tough questions pertaining to his decision-making, and accusing him of holding Floridians "hostage." 

In something of a rambling, breathless question, Cuomo asked, "How long do you allow the majority of this country, Republicans, Democrats, independents, south, north, the majority of every group and demographic we have, have gotten vaccinated, how long do you allow them to be held hostage in states, let's say, like Florida, where you have the governor saying, 'Yeah, I know it's breaking out, I'm going the other way, don't Fauci my Florida, no mask mandates, I'll let the parents decide,'" he said, per the New York Post

Cuomo was quick to criticize the governor's COVID-19 relief tactics, holding the governor responsible for the nearly 21,000 new COVID-19 cases accounted for on one day alone and blaming them on his lax pandemic measures, per AP News.

Here's why Chris Cuomo is experiencing backlash

Chris Cuomo has received lots of heated criticism in response to his comments about Ron DeSantis and the interview that many deemed to be aggressive. One of his most notable critiques comes from Fox News contributor Joe Concha, who asserted that Chris has no right to criticize about COVID-19 due to his own struggles with the virus. 

"Chris Cuomo should recuse himself from commenting on any other governor's actions as it pertains to COVID," Concha told Fox News Digital. "This is the same guy who got testing before anyone in New York could in the early stage of the pandemic, thanks to his brother." Concha continued his criticisms, reminding us that Chris "broke his own quarantine" during a time where the coronavirus that he had contracted would have been easily transmittable. 

Furthermore, many stated that Chris shouldn't be making waves in the news in light of the allegations of sexual harassment that his brother, Andrew Cuomo, is in the midst of. 

"According to CNN's logic, it was perfectly fine for Chris to cover his brother when things were going well for him," NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News. "But now it's not when it was proven that Andrew's persona and policies were deadly lies."