Gorgeous Husbands You Didn't Know Celebrities Had

In a world dominated by Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and any number of other social media platforms, we're used to knowing anything and everything about our favorite celebrities. Some famous stars share everything with their fans including the types of foods they eat, where they vacation, and everything in between. However, because of the intense media scrutiny, many of Hollywood's most famous stars have worked hard to keep their private lives and spouses out of the spotlight.


That's where these surprising celeb husbands come in. Perhaps these little-known men, who quietly stand behind their famous wives and husbands, are the secret to their successful unions. But don't think for one minute these husbands are doormats. From a powerful attorney to an interior decorator, and even several directors and producers, here are gorgeous (and smart!) husbands you didn't know celebrities had. Just don't go invading their private lives.

Peter Hermann (Mariska Hargitay)

Mariska Hargitay may be known for her gritty work on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," but few know she's got a hot man at home: Peter Hermann. The couple met on the set of the show in 2001. Months later, after a lengthy discussion on religion, Hermann invited her to church. "I just about passed out when I saw him there," she told InStyle. "I thought, 'That's my husband.'"


Fast forward to 2004 and the couple tied the knot. Roughly 200 guests attended their ceremony which also included a choir that serenaded the couple with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Hermann is a respected actor with a lengthy list of acting credits, including the hit show "Younger." He's also had a small recurring role on "Blue Bloods," starred in "Philomena" opposite Judi Dench, and had a recurring role in the short-lived TV series "A Gifted Man."

Hermann and Hargitay have three kids together: one biological and two adopted.

Keith Lieberthal (Julianna Margulies)

Julianna Margulies is a high-profile actress with a resume that includes "The Good Wife" and "ER." She naturally receives attention for being an A-lister, but her husband Keith Lieberthal also gets his fair share of attention due to his dashing good looks. In fact, it was his appearance that initially caught Marguiles's attention.


"Well, it was one of those things ... I feel bad because people objectify him and they're like 'Oh, your husband is so hot,'" the actress told Ellen Degeneres (via Entertainment Weekly). "The truth is, he is unbelievably bright and smart and went to Harvard Law."

The couple met many years ago at a dinner party. "Well, when he came over to me, I said, 'Look, I just think you are so handsome. Are you a model or an actor and are you 12 [years old]?'" she quipped. After talking, she learned he was a Wall Street litigator for six years and is Jewish — apparently a must for her. The pair jumped the broom in 2007 and soon welcomed their son Kieran.

David Burtka (Neil Patrick Harris)

Neil Patrick Harris has been a Hollywood success for years, all the way back to his days as Doogie Howser, M.D. But his husband, David Burtka, who is both an actor and chef, makes his life worth living. The couple married in 2014 and have twins together, Harper Grace Burtka-Harris and Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris.


In April 2023, Burtka shared a heart-warming tribute to his husband to celebrate 19 years together. "HAPPY 19th YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!" he wrote on Instagram. "I can't believe it (actually I can... ) The good times have outweighed weighed [sic] the bad enormously. I am beyond grateful to take this wonderful journey with you. As we grow as people our relationship gets stronger. Thank you for being you, putting in the work & making us the best we can be. I am honored and ecstatic to be by your side."

Bart Freundlich (Julianne Moore)

Julianne Moore is an incredibly accomplished actress with tons of accolades to her name. She's also a well-known beauty and stands out as one of the few natural redheads in Hollywood. But when she's not lighting up the silver screen, her heart is at home with her director husband Bart Freundlich, whom she met on the set of the 1997 movie "The Myth Of Fingerprints."


Freundlich has directed eight episodes of "Californication," two episodes of "Mozart in the Jungle," and the feature film "Wolves." He and Moore got married in 2003 and have two children.

Thomas Sadoski (Amanda Seyfried)

Despite being A-list actors, Amanda Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadoski, are very private people. Both their elopement and pregnancy were met with "Surprise!" headlines from the tabloids, which fit in with their low-key style. "We just took off into the country with an officiant and, just the two of us, and we did our thing," Sadoski told James Corden of their sudden marriage (via People).


Seyfried is perhaps most known for her roles in "Les Miserables," "Mamma Mia," and of course, "Mean Girls." Sadoski, on the other hand, does more indie gigs and TV roles. He stars on the CBS series "Life in Pieces" and earned a round of applause for his work in the NBC mini-series "The Slap." The couple met while working together in the 2015 off-Broadway production of "The Way We Get By."

Jeremiah Brent (Nate Berkus)

Sure, the world knows Nate Berkus for his stunning designs, but he's also got a hot husband, Jeremiah Brent, who is equally gifted in decorating. Berkus and Brent tied the knot in 2014, at the New York Public Library, shortly before welcoming their daughter, Poppy, who was born through surrogacy in 2015. Three years later, they welcomed their son Oskar.


"Yesterday, life cracked open in a way I didn't think it could again with the birth of our son Oskar Brent-Berkus. Love multiplied," Brent said in 2018 (via Closer Weekly). You can catch the design power couple on HGTV's "The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project" where they team up to renovate homes with their unique sense of style.

Cash Warren (Jessica Alba)

Jessica Alba may be a star actress and owner and the Honest Company, but she's got one irreplaceable support system at home named Cash Warren, a well-respected businessman and producer in Hollywood. The couple, who tied the knot in 2008, pulled out all the stops to keep the romance alive in their world.


When Parade asked if they still go on dates after several years of marriage, Alba beamed: "Yes! Absolutely. I think you have to. I think that's essential." The couple also tries to prioritize some downtime together too. "I mean, even watching TV and making popcorn," Alba says of their favorite things to do together. "Other times having a staycation and staying at a hotel down the street. It just depends what vacation is." The happy couple has three children together whom Alba likes to show off on her Instagram account.

Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman)

Natalie Portman has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child. Perhaps because of all that spotlight, she is very low-key and tight-lipped when it comes to her private life. It seems, these days, she rarely gives interviews about her family, dodging questions about her kids and her husband, Benjamin Millepied.


The pair met on the set of Portman's 2010 film "Black Swan" — for which she won an Oscar. Millepied, who went on to become the director of the Paris Opera Ballet, choreographed many of the dance sequences in the ballet-driven film. Their love soon blossomed and they married in 2012. Today, they have two kids, Amalia Millepied and Aleph Millepied.

Nnamdi Asomugha (Kerry Washington)

If you're wondering why Kerry Washington was sometimes wearing big coats and holding big bags on her hit television show "Scandal," it's because she was busy making babies with her gorgeous husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, whom she married in secret in 2013. They now have two kids together, a son and a daughter.


Asomugha is arguably best known to football fans for his uber-successful career as a cornerback, which included stints with the Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers. He retired in 2013.

Darren Le Gallo (Amy Adams)

Amy Adams and her actor-artist husband, Darren Le Gallo, were together for almost 15 years before they finally tied the knot in May 2015. So, why did they finally say "I do" after such a long time together? 


"We always had the commitment, but now he's stuck with me and I can really act out," Adams quipped to The Times, before adding, "I'm kidding. The truth is, I feel a stronger sense of family, a bigger sense of permanence, which is a nice thing for me."

The couple has one daughter, Aviana, born in 2010.

Eric Johnson (Jessica Simpson)

Vocal powerhouse Jessica Simpson's first marriage to Nick Lachey was the basis for the MTV reality show "Newlyweds," but that marriage didn't last. Her second marriage, however, is another story.

Simpson got engaged to former NFL pro, Eric Johnson, in 2010 after just a few months of dating; however, they didn't actually tie the knot until July 2014. Whatever the reason for their long engagement, the couple — who have three children together — appear to be happier than ever.


James Righton (Keira Knightley)

Two-time Oscar nominee Keira Knightley met British rocker James Righton at a dinner party in 2011 — and she had no idea who he was. Righton told the New York Post, "She'd never heard of us. Keira was in America when we were having our moment in the sun in the UK, so she was oblivious. But over the years, she came to loads of gigs." 


Despite having no idea who Righton was at first, a relationship was kindled. The couple went public in 2011 and said "I do" in 2013 at a small ceremony in Mazan, Provence. They were reportedly introduced to each other by fashion correspondent Alexa Chung, according to People.

Daniel Moder (Julia Roberts)

After a decade of tumultuous Hollywood romances, Julia Roberts finally found true love when she met cinematographer Daniel Moder on the set of "The Mexican" in 2000. Their love affair was equally tumultuous; Moder was reportedly still married when Roberts first took interest in him, according to reports (via the New York Post). But whatever happened (or didn't), it seems it was meant to be. 


"Because of being married, I've met people and experienced all these little things that have nurtured my life — not so much changed it, just nurtured it in a way that's astounding," Roberts told Oprah Winfrey.

The couple is still happily married after saying "I do" in 2002, and have three children.

Justin Mikita (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)

Most people know actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson as one half of the lovable (and hilarious) "Modern Family" couple Cam and Mitch, but in real life, he's married to lawyer Justin Mikita. 

On the day of their wedding, Mikita tweeted, "Husband. Not partner. We've worked hard to call each other husband ... so let's start using it" (via Just Jared). After getting engaged, the couple worked together to create Tie The Knot, a foundation dedicated to advocating for marriage equality in the U.S. Can you say power couple?


Chris Ivery (Ellen Pompeo)

"Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo may have had a difficult choice between dishy doctors on the hit medical drama, but in real life, there was only one man for her. Still, it took the actress a whole decade to open up about her super-secret, low-key wedding to music producer husband Chris Ivery. Pompeo gave the honor to Martha Stewart Weddings, sharing how the ceremony was officiated by none other than the then-mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. 


The wedding took place at the height of Pompeo's career, so it was very important to her to keep things relatively under the radar. "At that point, I was really dying for privacy. So we flew out on a redeye Thursday night. Friday morning, we woke up, went to City Hall, had the wedding really quick, and then we went to a waffle lunch after," she explained. The happy couple has three kids together, Sienna May Pompeo Ivery, Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery, and Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery.

Max Handelman (Elizabeth Banks)

Elizabeth Banks is one of the funniest women in Hollywood, with starring roles in movies as far-ranging as "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and "The Hunger Games" series. She needed someone who could keep up with her increasingly busy schedule as her role expanded, and thankfully, Banks' husband Max Handelman was there from the very beginning. The couple met all the way back in 1992, at college, and have been inseparable ever since.


The two moved to L.A. and tackled Hollywood as a team, marrying in 2003, and forming a strong working relationship in the intervening years. They even produced the first "Pitch Perfect" movie together, before Banks took over directing duties on the sequel, developing the script over their own kitchen table. "We have always made decisions that kept us together as a couple. We like working together. We're good at working together," Banks told Vanity Fair.

Adam Shulman (Anne Hathaway)

Princess Mia didn't have too much difficulty finding her M&Ms-loving Prince Charming, but in reality, things weren't quite as simple for actress Anne Hathaway. True, she married actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman in 2013, after four years of dating, in a ceremony Hathaway told The Telegraph was more for tradition than anything else. Prior to that, however, her relationship with her boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri, fell apart when he was exposed as a swindler and put in prison.  


But, things have settled down for the Oscar winner since. She and Shulman spend most of their time in the cool environs of Brooklyn and the "Ocean's 8" star has gushed about her deep feelings for her chilled-out partner. "He changed my ability to be in the world comfortably," Hathaway told Elle. "I think the accepted narrative now is that we, as women, don't need anybody. But I need my husband. His unique and specific love has changed me."

Ryan Piers Williams (America Ferrera)

Actress America Ferrera made a name for herself as the not-so-ugly star of "Ugly Betty." Although the show saw her dowdy character mostly ignored by male suitors, in reality, Ferrera had little trouble finding the right man with whom to settle down. She tied the knot with Ryan Piers Williams, in a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony, back in 2011. According to People, celebrity guests for their big day included her "Ugly Betty" co-stars Vanessa Williams and Rebecca Romijn.


Ferrera met Williams in college when he cast her in his student film. "We kind of connected from the get-go on that professional level and that was something that really drew us to each other," Ferrera explained to People. She described how the two have "a shared passion for what we do and our work." The actress has worked on three movies with her husband, who also acts and writes, gushing to HuffPost back in 2014 that working together is ideal because nobody knows her better than him.

Simon Halls (Matt Bomer)

Matt Bomer's leading role in the TV hit "White Collar" propelled him to stardom, but by the time he'd become big enough to be bothered by rumors of his sexual identity, Bomer had already secretly settled down. He married Simon Halls, a publicist and then already his partner of 10 years, in a chill New York wedding in 2011. Outlets such as the Los Angeles Times breathlessly rushed to cover the nuptials once the actor let the cat out of the bag at the 2012 Desert AIDS Project event in which he thanked Halls and their three children. 


Bomer told Out magazine in a wide-ranging interview, "There's a security, a validity of knowing that it's legal. It's hard to put into words." He also shared that he and Halls endeavor to be the best parents they can possibly be to their three children first and foremost. In that respect, the actor feels he couldn't possibly have found a better partner.

Lance LePere (Michael Kors)

Celebrated fashion designer, a former judge on "Project Runway," and multimillionaire, Michael Kors is all about the finer things in life. As he confessed to Women's Wear Daily, however, his perfect day involves nothing more than spending a quiet night in with his husband Lance LePere, watching TV, and chilling out.


On the couple's 2011 wedding, Kors deadpanned, "We're probably the only people who got married on the beach, jumped in a Jeep, went to East Hampton, had pizza at Sam's and went to see "The Help." He and LePere actually met in 1990, when the now-creative director of women's collection design for Kors' label was just a lowly intern. Vogue notes the designer was the first high-profile fashion name to get married in a same-sex ceremony since gay marriage was legalized in New York that very same year. Clearly, they couldn't wait any longer to make it official. 

Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Jessica Chastain)

Jessica Chastain isn't exactly what one would call a shrinking violet, making a name for herself starring as take-no-nonsense female characters in "Zero Dark Thirty," "A Most Violent Year," and as the titular ball-buster in "Miss Sloane."


When it came to choosing a partner to share her life with, Chastain looked to Italian nobility, settling down with fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo who's got some actual aristocratic blood. The two tied the knot in his home country in 2017, in a spectacular 17th-century Venetian villa owned by his family, with famous guests including Anne Hathaway and Chastain's "Zero Dark Thirty" co-star Edgar Ramirez.

Funny enough, just a few years back, Chastain told People that marriage wasn't a deal-breaker for her. "To me, marriage is not an important thing," she admitted. Even then, the actress and activist gushed to the publication about how fantastic her relationship was. Evidently, Jessica Chastain's husband is a game-changer. 


Marco Perego (Zoë Saldana)

Over the course of her lengthy and varied career, actress Zoë Saldana has battled aliens and monsters, and traveled cross-country with Britney Spears in "Crossroads." She may be a huge, in-demand movie star, but Saldana is anything but a tell-all tabloid foil. In fact, she married her long-time partner, the Italian painter and sculptor, Marco Perego in complete secret. When pressed during her cover interview for Net-A-Porter (via HuffPost), Saldana explained that she needed someone who could keep up with her, telling the publication: "I'm fortunate to be challenged by an artist who also pushes himself."


The actress also espoused the benefits of keeping intimate moments alive and exciting. She told E! News that the couple would never sacrifice "sexy time" no matter how tired one or both of them might be. The two share three sons, so finding time to be alone is difficult, particularly with their competing schedules. But Saldana refuses to let the spark die, especially with a husband as gorgeous as Perego.

Jared Pobre (Stacy Keibler)

Stacy Keibler is a tough cookie, but her unlucky-in-love storylines as a professional wrestler with the WWE carried over into her real life. Keibler was utilized primarily as a foil for the first couple of wrestling: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. In reality, she nabbed none other than George Clooney back in 2011, only for the two to split amicably in 2013. It seems her real prince charming was waiting in the wings. Keibler wed tech entrepreneur and comparably normal dude, Jared Pobre, in an intimate beach ceremony in Mexico the following year. 


"Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship. It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can't help but believe is your soul mate," she gushed to People. "Someone who has all of your best interests at heart; someone handpicked for you, to help you grow and be the best person that you can be. Jared is all of this for me."

Michel Stern (Lisa Kudrow)

The story of how Lisa Kudrow met her forever love is wild enough to be a page straight out of Phoebe Buffay's book. Long before "Friends" gave her an impressive career peak, Kudrow was wading through auditions and improv sets to find her footing in the industry. According to The New York Times, she initially aimed for a career as a physician — just like her father — before the performer in her awoke to the call of acting. Somewhere between the tests and trials of her youth in the 1980s, Kudrow met French-born Michel Stern and felt an instant spark. He was dating a French roommate of hers at the time, which ought to have put an end to her attraction. "I saw him and went, 'Well, he's the perfect man and it's all ruined because now they're together,'" Kudrow said (via the Daily Mail). So, nothing really came of it just then.


Fast forward six years, Kudrow and Stern's paths crossed at a party hosted by the same French woman who had briefly dated him years ago. Free to mingle now, Stern and Kudrow got talking and haven't stopped since. They married in 1995 and have a son together. The pair's easygoing affection has kept their marriage strong for nearly 30 years with Kudrow telling Glamour, "We're committed to our marriage working." She also added that they "respect each other's independence."

José Bastón (Eva Longoria)

Do you know how people describe a fascinating story as one worth telling their grandkids about? Well, the story of Eva Longoria and José Bastón's meeting is exactly that. Not long before the future couple first crossed paths, Longoria had ended her marriage to former basketball player Tony Parker amid acrimonious circumstances that involved claims of cheating. She dated a couple of men before a mutual friend set her up on a blind date with Bastón in 2013. But the timing just wasn't right. "I was getting out of a bad relationship, and he was getting out of a relationship, so there wasn't a connection," Longoria told People. But as the movies teach us, love finds another way. 


Six months later, Longoria was reintroduced to the Latin American media honcho and this time around, sparks flew. They enjoyed a courtship of about three years, before tying the knot in a star-studded Mexican celebration in 2016. Though her husband isn't a fan of the spotlight, Longoria doesn't forgo any good opportunity to gush about him. "I make dinner almost every night and we have a glass of wine all the time. I mean, yes, to conversation but the wine is important," the "Desperate Housewives" alum told Entertainment Tonight. The happy couple, who share a son together, admittedly value the joy of just sharing stories and talking before bed. A recipe for the best relationship, we say!

Dave McCary (Emma Stone)

One fine day in 2019, an engagement ring showed up on Emma Stone's finger. And that's how it became known that the notoriously private star was betrothed to her boyfriend Dave McCary, whom she reportedly met on the set of "Saturday Night Live" where he served as a segment director. The couple went public with the announcement only months later, with Stone memorably showing off her rock in a photo on McCary's sparse Instagram profile — we can't say which stone dazzled brighter! 


To get a glimpse into their relationship, fans could only rely on discreet spottings of Stone and McCary — like out and about on coffee runs or at basketball games. In fact, it was only through third-person confirmations that the world came to know of Stone and McCary's secret marriage.

Page Six reported that while the coronavirus pandemic threw the couple off their intended wedding plans in early 2020, they tied the knot sometime later that year. Stone also made a rare remark about her personal life that year, telling Entertainment Tonight that she felt "pretty good about starting my own pack." Sure enough, the comedy pair expanded their family in 2021 when they welcomed their daughter, Louise Jean McCary. The toddler's name contains a sentimental tribute to the "La La Land" actor's grandmother, Jean Louise.


Tom Ackerley (Margot Robbie)

If you, like us, have grown up binging the "Harry Potter" films, then you already know who Margot Robbie is married to; you may just have to strain your eyes a little harder to place him. Tom Ackerley was most notably part of the cast in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," in a blink-and-you-miss-it role. Though the fantasy film doesn't typically find mention in Ackerley's credited work that is predominated by his role as a producer, Robbie pinpointed the exact moment fans can spot her husband on-screen. "When Draco pushes some kids out of the way to see Buckbeak in the third book, he pushes my husband out of the way," she proudly revealed on "The Graham Norton Show" (via YouTube). She also quipped that had she, a massive Potterhead, been aware of this trivia from Ackerley's life, she would have married him earlier than 2016. 


After his time as a Slytherin, Ackerley immersed himself deep into the industry as a crew member on films and television shows. It was around this time that Robbie came to know him from the set of her 2014 film "Suite Française." Soon enough, Robbie moved into a house in London with a few friends and Ackerley, whom she eventually began dating. Under the LuckyChap Entertainment banner that Ackerley founded with Robbie and others, he has produced Oscar-nominated features like "I, Tonya" as well as the 2023 film "Barbie" starring his wife.

Jaron Varsano (Gal Gadot)

Though not your usual meet-cute, the story of how Gal Gadot met her husband is tailor-made for a Hollywood film. Not yet an actor and long years away from her career-defining role as Wonder Woman, Gadot was out in a desert in Israel, attending what she described to Vogue as a "chakra/yoga retreat type of party." It was there that she met her future husband Jaron Varsano, then just a mutual friend. Both Varsano and Gadot were then in the midst of figuring out life and love, and in a stroke of serendipity, the latter was waiting for them right around the corner. "We started talking at 10 p.m., and we kissed at sunrise, and we held hands on the drive back to Tel Aviv," Varsano recalled. 


By their second date, Varsano was dead certain that he wanted to spend his life with Gadot. They tied the knot in 2008 and have three daughters together. It's no secret that Gadot is rather family-oriented, a lifestyle she balances out well with her day job. In fact, Varsano supported her career in no small way, giving up his own enterprise in Israel's real estate market to shift base to Los Angeles with Gadot. He eventually joined his wife in showbiz, founding the production company Pilot Wave and even making a special cameo in Gadot's "Wonder Woman 1984." 

Blue Hamilton (Matt Dallas)

Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton's marriage isn't just enjoyable to them but also to the nearly 400,000 fans tuned into their YouTube channel. The artistic pair has been married since 2015, and embark on adventures that range anywhere from living in the mountains to fostering chickens and home renovation projects. Their relationship was bound to be legendary, given that it started in one of Hollywood's most iconic haunts, The Viper Room. "I remember him looking around at me and just locking eyes with him," Hamilton, who is a songwriter, told PopSugar. Though the "Kyle XY" star revealed that he was already partnered up at the time, he had a feeling his connection with Hamilton would lead somewhere. 


In a 2013 tweet that also made public his sexual identity, Dallas told the world that he was engaged to Hamilton. Two years later, with a license in hand, the pair made another post announcing that they were officially married. Together, they adopted two children — a son named Crow and a daughter, Rosa — who make regular appearances in their parents' popular vlogs. "We just knew that we were going to foster and adopt," Hamilton told HuffPost on the subject of parenthood. "I know it's changed us and it's made us stronger." 

Robbie Arnett (Elizabeth Olsen)

Marvel didn't tell us, but one of Elizabeth Olsen's key superpowers is privacy. The "WandaVision" star has long preferred to keep the details of her personal life away from the limelight. Even the milestone news that she had married her musician boyfriend Robbie Arnett came to wide attention by way of an offhand admission during a Variety interview in 2021. The "Little Miss Magic" book resting on the shelf behind her had been placed by her husband, especially for her "because he's such a f*****g cutie," she said. The lovebirds first met each other on a vacation in Mexico and their relationship was confirmed in 2021. Arnett's musical credits include work on soundtracks for films like "Jexi" and "Fun Size."


Social media-shy Olsen disclosed her romantic status the traditional way: on a radio show. "My boyfriend's in a cool band called Milo Greene. ... I really like them and I really like him," she unexpectedly revealed while talking to host Sway Calloway on Sway's Universe. Olsen and Arnett eventually moved in together and by 2019, were engaged to be married. They made the transition to husband and wife sometime the next year. Their wedding was seemingly a super intimate affair, with details of it only reaching the public much later in 2022. During an appearance on "The Jess Cagle Show" that same year, Olsen disclosed, "We eloped, and then we had a wedding at another time, but it was before COVID. I just never talked about it."


Andrew Form (Alexandra Daddario)

A girl and a boy bump into each other on the street and fall in love. It's a charming cliché straight out of a rom-com that people wait entire lifetimes in the hope of. But in Hollywood, where the reel and real overlap, dreams do come true. Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form's paths first crossed when they walked past each other one fine day in New York City. "He turned back and said 'hi' just as I was turning around to glance back at him. I laughed and said 'hi,' and then we both laughed about how we were the only two people on what is normally an incredibly busy street, and he asked if he could take me to dinner," Daddario recalled for Vogue


Form — a veteran horror film producer behind prominent titles like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Purge" — invited her over two weeks later and the rest, as they say, is history. Ahead of their marriage in 2022, "The White Lotus" star gushed to People, "I feel very at peace with him and very happy, and I just feel very lucky." Daddario is also not stingy with loved-up snapshots of the couple's picture-perfect romance, sharing lots of photos on social media that fans quite enjoy. 

Cooke Maroney (Jennifer Lawrence)

Everybody deserves a bestie in their life who takes the responsibility of playing Cupid for them. Jennifer Lawrence is lucky to have had a friend who introduced her to her future husband Cooke Maroney. In 2018, when her relationship was fresh tabloid fodder, Lawrence was unsurprisingly keen on keeping the matters of her personal life private — quite like her rumored social media presence. As Lawrence later told Vanity Fair, she even forewent the presence of her security detail while out on dates with her then-boyfriend. "I mean, how mortifying would that have been?" she said. 


Maroney remained outside the periphery of showbiz as an art dealer, his work boasting of revered names like the Gagosian and Gladstone galleries. The relationship moved fast and Lawrence and Maroney said their "I dos" a year later in 2019. The life-altering milestone precipitated some hesitation for the "Hunger Games" star who opened up to The New York Times about her fear of commitment. "I'm so happy I didn't freak out and cancel the wedding and run away and go, 'I'll never be taken down!'" Lawrence has gushed about how the quotidian aspects of marital bliss give her happiness, like doing something as simple as grocery shopping with Maroney. The two became proud parents of a son in 2022. 


Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford)

Cindy Crawford was the reigning woman of every dream in the 1990s. As one of the top guns of the fabled supermodel era, Crawford naturally pursued a partner who would be a worthy match to her repute. That man was model Rande Gerber. As fate would have it, both Crawford and Gerber were committed to other people when they first crossed paths at a wedding early on in the decade. Crawford had shown up to the party without her then-husband Richard Gere, who, she told Harper's Bazaar, "didn't want to go to the wedding with me." She added that it was after her divorce from Gere in 1995 that she linked up with Gerber. Crawford and Gerber tied the knot three years later and welcomed two children. 


Gerber rubs shoulders with the who's who of Hollywood. Industry dreamboat George Clooney is not just a close pal of Gerber's, but also a business associate with whom he founded the tequila brand Casamigos. At home and on social media, Gerber is quite the romantic and endlessly dotes on his wife. "I didn't just choose the most beautiful girl in the world, I chose the girl that made my world more beautiful," he wrote on Instagram. Crawford also told People that even after almost three decades together, her husband still surprises her with roses.

Preston Cook (Julia Stiles)

Julia Stiles, celebrated for her roles in iconic films like "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Save the Last Dance," shares her life with her husband Preston Cook. Cook started out as an actor like Stiles but has found his calling behind the camera, carving out a successful career as a camera assistant. The couple's love story started on the set of the 2015 film "Go With Me," which they both worked on. In 2017, the couple got the chance to work together again, this time on the set of the series "Riviera." 


"We were so lucky, because you often don't get to [work together], and if you're away from each other it can be hard on your relationship," Stiles told Marie Claire reflecting on the experience. "It turned into the most romantic experience ever."

Cook's acting career included appearances in shows like "Smallville" and "The Twilight Zone" as well as a recurring role on "The L Word." Subsequently, he transitioned to a career behind the lens, serving as a camera assistant on notable projects such as "The Revenant" and "Deadpool." The couple's relationship thrived despite the challenges of the film industry's demanding schedules. They eventually tied the knot in 2017 and have since welcomed two children, adding familial joy to their fulfilling lives. When asked how she knew Cook was the one, Stiles told Today, "He's just a really good man."


Brad Falchuk (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Gwyneth Paltrow, renowned actress and founder of Goop, shares her life with Emmy-winning television producer and creator Brad Falchuk. While Falchuk may not be a household name, his success in the entertainment industry is undeniable. Falchuk's contributions to television, including co-creating "Glee," "Scream Queens," "American Horror Story," and "Pose," showcase his creative prowess. Paltrow affectionately described Falchuk to People, stating, "He's such a special, amazing man." The couple's love story began in 2010 when they met during Paltrow's guest appearance on the show "Glee," a series co-created by Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. "They're both so great. If you met them, you would root for their love story," Murphy, who introduced the gorgeous couple, told People.


Falchuk reciprocates the admiration, saying of Paltrow, "She's the perfect wife" (per People). He emphasizes her unwavering support and joy in the success of those she loves. Paltrow echoes the sentiment, expressing her love for her blended family (they each have two children from previous marriages, including Paltrow's Moses and Apple Martin).

"The blended family has been amazing, and a journey, and now it's like one of the things that brings me the most happiness in my life," the actor told People. Navigating step-parenting is not without its difficulties, but Paltrow emphasizes the joy it brings to her life. "It's been a really interesting challenge for me, and I love them. I've learned so much about myself through the process."


Zandy Reich (Lea Michele)

Lea Michele, renowned for her roles in "Glee" and "Funny Girl," found happiness in her marriage to Zandy Reich, the former lacrosse star and president of the clothing company AYR. The couple tied the knot in 2019, and Michele shared the surprising moment of the proposal to People, saying, "I think the first thing I said to him was, 'Stop joking around!' So I was super surprised."


Their love story evolved from a foundation of friendship, starting when they met at a mutual friend's wedding. The initial connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, and in 2017, the couple made their public debut while strolling hand in hand through New York City after lunch. Reflecting on the proposal, Michele humorously admitted to People, "We both blacked out and were like, 'What? Did we say yes? Is this happening?'" Despite the initial shock, the couple embraced the excitement and joy of their engagement.

Reich holds a special place in Michele's heart, providing a "real sense of grounding," which Michele said was needed because of how career-driven she had been in the past, as she told Drew Barrymore. Michele expressed her happiness, telling People, "I'm also the kind of person where I always say, 'You will see how happy I am just by looking at my face.' I can't hide it." Now parents to a son named Ever Leo, Michele and Reich continue to share their journey of love and gratitude.


Jam Kennedy-Sulahry (Sarah Kennedy)

2023 was a big year for celebrity weddings, and that includes Sarah Kennedy, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968. Sarah Kennedy tied the knot with her husband, Jam Kennedy-Sulahry, in August of 2023. The couple opted for a traditional Pakistani wedding, blending Sarah's Irish Catholic roots with Jam's Muslim Pakistani heritage. Jam Kennedy-Sulahry, a distinguished MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, has now become an integral part of the renowned Kennedy family. 


Reflecting on their choice of venue, Sarah expressed to People, "We chose to host our wedding weekend events at the Kennedy Compound and surrounding family homes because of how special it is to us as a backdrop to our lives." The Kennedy Compound holds a unique place in the family's history, symbolizing both joyous celebrations and moments of heartbreak. The wedding festivities showcased the couple's commitment to honoring and combining their diverse backgrounds. 

Mark Manio (Scott Hoying)

Pentatonix star Scott Hoying celebrated a major milestone in 2023 as he married his longtime partner, Mark Manio. Hoying, who considers Manio his muse (per the Dallas Observer), expressed his deep gratitude and joy on this special occasion. "I knew pretty early on that Mark was my dream man and I genuinely feel like the luckiest man on earth to get to marry him," Hoying told People. He emphasized the unique qualities that make Manio special, describing him as "truly one-of-a-kind."


Manio, a professional model managed by NTA, reciprocated the love, expressing admiration for Hoying's loving, gentle, and genuinely kind nature. He described Hoying to People, saying, "He leads through life with such a unique, electrifying presence. And of course, he is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He lights up my life in every single way." The couple, who discussed starting a family, expressed their excitement about building a future together. Reflecting on the significance of their marriage, Hoying touched upon the challenges faced by many in the LGBTQ+ community, stating to People, "The fact that all of those obstacles ended up working out in the end is a really beautiful thing and only makes us cherish each other more." As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, the couple looks forward to the prospect of parenthood, with Hoying expressing confidence in Manio's ability to be "the most amazing father in the world" to their future children.


Daniel Fryer (Taylor Hill)

It just makes sense that former Victoria's Secret angel Taylor Hill has a beautiful beau. The Colorado native tied the knot with Daniel Fryer in a picturesque ceremony in her hometown in 2023. While Hill is renowned for her modeling career, Fryer is a private equity investor with a low-profile presence on social media. Expressing her excitement about the commitment, Hill shared with Vogue, "Danny is my best friend. I'm just so looking forward to making this commitment to each other and declaring to each other that we'll be best friends forever. For me, that's what this day really means. We'll be partners in crime forever."


The couple's love story began at JazzFest in Aspen in 2019, where they instantly connected while attending the event with mutual friends. Hill, who has traveled extensively for her work, found a sense of home and constancy in Colorado. However, meeting Fryer changed her perspective. She told Vogue, "As much as I travel for work ... Colorado has always been my constant, my rock, my home, and my heart. That is until I met Danny. Danny makes me feel home wherever we are. I wanted to share this once-in-a-lifetime moment with all our loved ones in my constant, favorite place: Winter Park, Colorado." The couple celebrated their union surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Winter Park, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together.


Jordan C. Brown (Colton Underwood)

While many people remember Colton Underwood coming out after his season of "The Bachelor," they may be surprised to learn that the former football player-turned-reality star got married in 2023. Underwood tied the knot with Jordan C. Brown, a political strategist, in a ceremony held in Napa Valley. Their love story began at a party in Los Angeles in 2021, and the couple got engaged in 2022 in Big Sur, California. Underwood told People, "It was very natural and organic, how it progressed," while Brown added, "We both just had a gut feeling."


Speaking about his husband, Underwood expressed how he knew Brown was the one, telling People, "I've never been more sure about something. He has the biggest heart and he's such a good friend to all of the people in his life." Brown, who had no prior knowledge of Underwood's history on "The Bachelor," praised his partner's work ethic and values. "I just think his priorities are always in the right place," Brown said, highlighting the strong connection they share.

The couple is excited to start a family. "We definitely want kids... I feel like I was born to be a dad," Colton told People. He acknowledged the fear he had about coming out and how it might affect his dream of fatherhood. However, he now eagerly looks forward to the future, stating, "I'm really, really excited to see him as a father, and I can't wait to be a dad too."