Little People, Big World Season 23 - What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Spoiler alert! 

"Little People, Big World" is a long-running reality series on TLC that first premiered in 2006, which was when the Roloff family and their 34-acre Oregon pumpkin farm captured the hearts of their audience. The life of the Roloffs may seem, at first glance, as if it revolves around dwarfism, and while this is an integral part of the show, it's certainly not all of it. The life challenges, disappointments, illnesses, and loss accompanied by celebratory events like weddings, babies, and successes are the meat and potatoes of this show. 

Matt and Amy Roloff may both stand only 4-feet-tall, but they have children who do not have dwarfism. Their children include the twins Jeremy (average size) and Zach, (two feet shorter), along with younger siblings Molly and Jacob, who are both average size. 

Loyal fans of the show have stuck by the family through thick and thin, including some controversies. As Season 22 wrapped up, viewers were left wondering (and wishing) about a Season 23.

What is the release date of Little People, Big World Season 23?

After investing emotion, time, and energy into 15 years of a TV series, fans deserve precise information in regards to that show. The "Little People, Big World" audience is going to be disappointed to find out there is currently no release date for Season 23, but there has also not been a cancellation reported either.

According to The Sun, the filming of Season 21 was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, which essentially pushed back the release of Season 22, and this could be a factor as to why we are waiting to hear about Season 23. 

While we wait for news on "Little People, Big World," fans old and new can catch up on the series from the very beginning on TLC. Another way to stay updated is to follow the cast members, like Amy on Instagram or Matt on Twitter.

Who will be in the cast for Season 23?

We can speculate that Amy and new hubby Chris Marek will take center stage of the show. There is also a good chance that Zach, Tori, and their adorable children, Jackson and Lilah, will appear in new episodes, as Zach has remained a steadfast part of the series (per Screen Rant). Molly only very occasionally popped into an episode here and there, so we do not expect to see too much of her. It is also unlikely that we will see Jacob or Jeremy back, as once they left, they began their own successful life paths.

Interestingly, an Instagram post from June 2021 has us wondering if Matt Roloff will be returning. Caryn Chandler posted a photo of her and Matt to her Instagram account captioned, "And ... that's a filming wrap for this season. I feel Arizona calling our names. Thank you for tuning in and letting us be a little part of your life ..." It sounds like a sweet good-bye, but in the world of television, you never really know.

It seems that we will only know more about the cast when another season (fingers crossed) of "Little people, Big World" is released on TLC.

What new details can we expect for Season 23 of Little People, Big World?

Season 22 of "Little People, Big World" was primarily focused on Amy Roloff and her relationship with Chris Marek; Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler; and Zach, Tori, Jackson, and Lilah. There could be some big storylines looming, so if we get another season, we expect to see them, particularly the wedding nuptials and celebration of Amy and Chris, who were married on the farm. We can only assume that fans are waiting with bated breath to see the wedding, as Amy tells People in an exclusive interview, "It was just all so right and good."

Dare we speculate that there may be another proposal on the horizon? Matt and Caryn seem so happy and in love, perhaps they are the next to get married. Finally, it wouldn't be completely outrageous to think that Zach and Tori may try to have another baby, would it?

Whatever happens in the Roloffs' lives, the fans who have been following the family since 2006 eagerly anticipate another season.

Will Zach and Tori be off the show now that they have moved?

Zach and Tori Roloff shocked fans recently when they announced via Instagram they had moved from Portland to Washington. Tori captioned the photo of her new home with, "Guess what?! WE MOVED!!" and it has caused quite a stir among fans. InTouch Weekly reports that "Little People, Big World" fans were hoping Zach and Tori would have taken over the Roloff farm, but Tori tenderly informs her followers, "Sometimes things work out for the better!"  The couple and their children have been a big part of the show, and now that they have moved, we can't help but wonder what the show would look like without them.

Cheat Sheet shares that, although now living in a different state than the farm, they will continue to be a part of the show, as per Tori who answered the looming question on Instagram. However, it's still unclear in what capacity the couple will fit into the show now that they have moved. Fans also question who, if anyone, will purchase the farm from current owner Matt Roloff, who bought out ex-wife Amy Roloff after their divorce. As we continue to wait (hope) for a season 23 release date, keeping up with the Roloff family via their social media will have to suffice for now.