This Is What Meghan McCain Really Thinks Of Her Critics

Meghan McCain is a name on the tip of everyone's tongue this year, and it's not often for positive reasons. Of note was her four year tenure on the daily talk show "The View," where she acted as a conservative voice to counter the liberal opinions from her co-panelists (via USA Today). However, her time on "The View" came to an end in early August after the Arizonian grew tired of receiving pushback on her ideals.

"Thank you all so much again for the privilege and honor it has been for the past four years to work on this show. It really has been incredible," McCain said on her final episode, per USA Today. Like so many of her remarks prompted, McCain's final day on the talk show left the internet in a tizzy, and viewers have wondered since if McCain misses co-hosting "The View," particularly because it gave her an easy outlet into people's homes to discuss conservative beliefs.

McCain was no stranger to pushback, even when she was blatantly wrong or problematic. Her father, John McCain, was a Republican senator from Arizona, so she was raised in the world of politics. He ultimately died in 2018 from brain cancer (via Time). Since then, the so-called Princess of Arizona has worked overtime to project the conservative ideals in which her father believed, some of which attracted a lot of scrutiny. Now, McCain has revealed what she thinks of her critics.

This is why Meghan McCain says her critics have 'severe daddy issues'

Meghan McCain is often criticized for a number of reasons, and since the death of her father, senator John McCain, in 2018, one of these reasons is how often she talks about him. The senator's daughter took to Twitter on Tuesday, September 28, to say that anyone who criticizes her for discussing her late father so much has "severe daddy issues" (via People).

"The stupidest part of my life is being a receptacle for everyone in the world who has severe daddy issues they haven't dealt with purging their insanity onto me because I loved mine so much and yes – answer questions about him whenever I'm asked," McCain tweeted, adding, "A LOT of you need therapy."

McCain wasn't done there. She then added a quote tweet of her first statement, saying, "Imagine being bullied by people for loving your deceased parent so much." It's never easy losing a parent, and it's clear that McCain has had enough of people commenting on her relationship with the late politician. The former "View" co-host feels the need to carry on his presence, so these remarks strike a chord in her.

All we know for sure is that McCain, no matter what she's said, will never give up. She recently returned to TV for the first time since leaving "The View" and will likely continue to speak about her conservative values.