How Olivia Amato Picks Outfits For Each Peloton Class

Anyone who's hit play on a Peloton class knows that it's much more than just a bike ride. You're getting a killer workout, yes. But you're also getting a whole aesthetic. That's in large part because of the incredible Peloton instructors out there. They all have signature moves and strong personalities, but Olivia Amato goes above and beyond with something else: her outfits. The Peloton instructor knows how to nail a themed ride, and, according to PopSugar, she has the best advice for choosing an outfit.

There's picking out an outfit for your workout, and then there is the level of commitment that Amato puts into her Peloton outfits. When the instructor isn't in a fabulous matching set, she's rocking themed looks that are just as fun as they are stylish. 

It turns out that there's a strategic way that Amato chooses her looks for each class, and it might just inspire you to amp up your next workout look, too.

She matches her outfit to her music

A true fashion lover takes her sense of style everywhere, even the gym. And that's what Amato is: a true fashion lover in every sense of the word. 

One scroll through her Instagram page, and you'll see that Amato absolutely kills it with her street style and her athleisure looks. When it comes to teaching Peloton classes, that is no different.

Amato doesn't just stick to Peloton-branded attire, either. How does she decide on which outfit to wear, you ask? According to PopSugar, she matches her outfit to her music. "I pick my outfits based on how I'm feeling that day and the vibe I want to give off," Amato told the publication. "If I know it's an EDM theme or a tough workout, sometimes I'll wear brighter colors to lighten the mood or match the music. But if I'm teaching a rock class, my look will be a little darker and grittier."

Dressing cute for a workout increases your performance

According to Instagram, Amato has done themed rides for Calvin Harris, where she wore a silver, bedazzled outfit, as well as a Metallica ride, where she rocked a graphic tee. Heck, she even wore bright pink platforms to match her neon pink outfit for the Spice Girls ride. As far as her favorite outfit, Amato named her Kesha outfit, where she matched her outfit and her makeup (via PopSugar). The girl is nothing if not committed.

It turns out, there's science behind dressing up for a workout. According to Shape, when you wear cute workout clothes, you perform better. "When you put on new fitness gear, you begin to get into character like an actor putting on a costume for a performance," Dr. Jonathan Fader tells Shape. "As a result, you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task."

Be right back, going to stock up on a matching set inspired by Amato. Because if you can't be a Peloton instructor, the next best thing is dressing like one.