The Most Famous Rap Couples Of 2021

If there is one genre of music that has produced legends, history makers, and hit sensations, it's rap. Think about all of the rap music that has gone on to not only define decades but generations. The likes of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. immediately come to mind, as do the current-day sensations Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. While these rappers and sensational musicians have wildly different approaches and music, one thing rings true about them all — they have influence over the music industry in ways that many artists only ever dream of having, and their ability to shape our understanding of rap and freedom of expression is truly unmatched.

With every great artist comes a fantastic team of people — they say it takes a village, and that is certainly the case for many musicians, including rappers, that have made it big today. Of course, that team usually involves a supportive (and, oftentimes, equally successful) spouse, some of whom make headlines just as much as their significant other. So we did some digging to bring to you the most famous rap couples of 2021.

Cardi B and Offset are once again going strong after multiple splits

If there's one couple that dominates rap, it's Cardi B and Offset. The pair have had a rather complicated relationship, which dates back to 2016 when they met at a music industry event. Cardi revealed at the time that Offset was "very consistent" and made it clear that he wanted to get to know her (via Harper's Bazaar). Once they released their song "Lick" together in 2017, it was clear that the two were connected. 

But 2018 was a difficult year for the two. After allegations of cheating on Offset's part, Cardi called it quits, but cut to the same year, and the estranged pair were back together. Cardi told Cosmopolitan that a lot of people judged her for giving Offset a second chance, but said, "I want to work out my s**t with my man, and I don't got to explain why." The couple went on to welcome their first child, split up again in 2020 (via Entertainment Tonight), and reconciled yet again shortly thereafter. In June 2021, they announced that they are expecting their second child together.

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck are #couplegoals

We all know a DJ Khaled song when we hear one. What's more is that Khaled's personal life seems fairly stable, as the husband and father of two has made it clear that his wife, Nicole Tuck, and his kids are his priority. Khaled hit the headlines in 2021 when Us Weekly asked him if he and Tuck would ever consider having a third child. "Whatever God gives us, I'm ready," he said in response. "Me and my queen, we talk about it once in a while. She just had two boys, our two beautiful boys and [I want to] make sure that she's right." 

Khaled went on to share that every time he looks at Tuck, he falls in love all over again (be still our swooning hearts). "The exciting thing about our relationship is that it's never a dull moment," he said. "She keeps me grounded too, and when we're on the same wavelength, it's fireworks." If that doesn't make you want to cry, you'll be balling when you hear that Khaled recently gave Tuck flowers and his self-created "Mother Award of the Century." We just love these two.

Everyone loves Big Sean and Jhené Aiko together

It's always a huge accomplishment when a famed rapper like Big Sean gets nominated for a Grammy Award, but it's even more impressive when two people in love get the well-deserved attention for their work. Sean has been in a relationship with musician and singer Jhené Aiko since 2016, as noted by E! News – the two took a short break in 2019 but have been steady ever since – and, yes, both of them made the news in 2021 when they were nominated for individual Grammy Awards. 

The secret of their happiness together, according to Aiko, is their strong foundation and friendship. In an interview with DJ Khaled on 106.3 The Groove, Aiko shared, "Our friendship is really strong so that has made our relationship what it is, just that foundation of real friends who really know each other on that level." She shared that when she first met Sean, she felt as though she had known him for such a long time already. "I was comfortable with him immediately ... I had never felt that feeling of like, 'I've met you before,'" she said.

Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera appear to be going strong after cheating allegations

Navigating a relationship can be difficult, let alone one that's in the headlines. As such, the marriage of famed rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his wife, Tammy Rivera, hasn't always been easy. Yes, they are one of the most storied and popular couples within the rap industry today, but their marriage has had its ups and downs. As noted by The Cinemaholic, the pair met in 2011 and had "an instant connection." Rivera was (and is) successful in her own right as a musician and reality television fixture, and the two working professionals seemed to gel almost instantly. Given that Waka Flocka Flame, born Juaquin James Malphurs (per Showbiz Cheatsheet), had just released his debut album in 2010 (via The Cinemaholic), it's safe to say that both his professional and personal life was on fire (in a good way) at the time.

The two eventually married in 2014, but allegations of cheating rocked their foundation. While they stayed together, Rivera shared with Essence what it was like to try to repair her marriage. "Being able to trust them because once you've faced infidelity, it's hard," she said. "Having a positive mindset really helped me because if you think nothing but positive thoughts then that's what's going to happen."

Lil Durk and India Royale made headlines in 2021 when they became victims of crime

Some of the most famous rap couples aren't just known for the music or their status within the industry, they're also on the public's radar, thanks to crazy, unforeseen incidents. That's certainly the case for Lil Durk and India Royale, a successful rapper and influencer respectively. As noted by The U.S. Sun, Durk (born Durk Derrick Banks) started dating Royale in 2017 and popped the question in 2018. She had a daughter already from a previous relationship, and the engaged pair welcomed their own child soon thereafter. 

While Durk is known for his hit songs, including "Laugh Now Cry Later" and "Hats Off," Royale is known to her 3 million-plus followers on Instagram for her beauty looks and business, India Royale Beauty. Not only is the pair famous within their own right, but they also made the news in 2021 when their Atlanta home was burglarized. As reported by TMZ at the time, the couple tragically endured both a "home invasion and aggravated assault" after a number of individuals broke into their home. Additionally, there were reports of gunfire as a result of the intrusion.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are still the reigning king and queen of hip hop

You can't talk about famous rap couples and not include Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The duo have been captivating audiences for years now, but we certainly have more to witness from the iconic couple. As noted by Us Weekly, the Carters met when the "Crazy In Love" hitmaker was just 18 years old. After getting married in 2008, the duo has continued to take the hip hop and R&B world by storm, and it doesn't seem like anything will slow them down.

In 2021, specifically, the pair made headlines when they posed for their campaign with Tiffany & Co., as Beyoncé donned the iconic 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond. The diamond was originally cast in the hearts and minds of Hollywood lovers, thanks to "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and was seen on Lady Gaga at the 2019 Academy Awards. Seeing such a diamond dazzle the likes of Beyoncé was just one way the iconic rap couple made headlines this year (via Town & Country). As for working with his wife, Jay-Z told Entertainment Tonight Canada, "She's super detail oriented, obviously, as you can see from her work. She's an incredibly hard worker, super talented, very inspiring."

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty made headlines in 2021 because of a lawsuit

Trigger warning: rape and sexual abuse. Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have been getting a lot of attention lately. The two have been married since 2019, but it's been within the last year that their names have been associated with negativity. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, Jennifer Hough accused Petty of rape back in 1994, and she put the couple on blast in September 2021, accusing them of abusive behavior. 

In an official lawsuit, Hough claimed that both Petty and Minaj were guilty of "witness intimidation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, harassment, assault, battery, sexual assault, and sexual harassment." According to the lawsuit, Petty had both allegedly "intimidated" and "harassed" her and that Minaj had reportedly "threatened" Hough herself so she would recant her claims against Petty. In fact, Hough recounted on Instagram that when Minaj and Petty got married, she was terrified of "being found out." "I was so afraid of being known as the person he violated ... You know, it's Nicki Minaj. I didn't want that to reflect on my children," she said. The case is ongoing as of publication.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

In 2021, Rihanna seems to have finally found her match with A$AP Rocky

It's safe to say that all of us have wanted to see superstar singer and business mogul Rihanna in a happy and healthy relationship, and she seems to have found that with rapper A$AP Rocky. In a surprising 2021 twist, the relationship between the rapper and the Fenty Beauty mogul "evolved" from that of being friends to much more, and a source told People in August 2021 that Rocky and Rihanna had formed a "solid romance." "They already knew and respected each other and it has just grown from there," the inside source explained, noting that the couple's "great foundation" has been a positive source for both of them. "They loved to laugh and have a blast together before they even dated. All of that makes for a solid romance now," the inside source continued. 

Be still our beating hearts. Of course, Rihanna's love life (unfairly) was often clouded by her relationship with Chris Brown, which resulted in a "violent altercation" and a restraining order, as noted by NBC News. Given that so many of her fans have simply wanted to see Rihanna happy, her relationship with Rocky has been one of 2021's greatest twists.

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir's relationship shows he isn't intimidated by a successful woman

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir are goals. The hitmaker behind "Wake Up in the Sky" met the successful businesswoman in 2010 when he was fresh out of prison, and the couple have been taking names ever since. After appearing in one of Mane's music videos, Ka'oir and the rapper were set for life. As noted by The Cut, Mane was "smitten" with Ka'oir, and after getting out of prison again (he was serving a three-year sentence for possessing a firearm), the two tied the knot (via The U.S. Sun). As of Ka'oir, she's the CEO of three different companies, including Ka'oir Cosmetics. 

While her husband is off working in the music industry and producing the work of up-and-coming rappers, Ka'oir is balancing her work amid the pressures of being in a successful marriage in the public eye. "It gets overwhelming when you're running so many successful businesses and you have a successful husband," she told The Cut, but she did elaborate on just how supportive her rapper husband is of her career pursuits. "A lot of men are intimidated by successful women. Not him, though. He wants me to shine. He wants me to be successful," she said. Like we said, goals.

Longtime couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are beloved by fans

All of our heads turned when Alicia Keys announced that she'd be going makeup-free for the foreseeable future. It was the latest evolution of her career at the time, but Keys has always seemed to be her authentic self, and that's possibly why her marriage to producer and rapper Swizz Beatz has been so successful. As noted by Today, Keys and Beatz celebrated their 11-year wedding anniversary in July 2021 — and for anyone familiar with music industry or Hollywood relationships, 11 years of marriage may as well be 50. 

To mark the special occasion this year, Keys and Beatz (born Kasseem Daoud Dean, per Showbiz Cheatsheet) traveled to Corsica, the location where they originally got married, and went to the exact spot where they tied the knot. They both took to social media to celebrate their big milestone, and Beatz even wrote that they'd been celebrating their anniversary "all month." Judging from Beatz's social media activity, he might be the rapper of the couple, but he is also clearly his wife's biggest fan. Calling Keys "her own Boss" in one post and highlighting her gorgeous profile and Queen-like status in another, it's fair to say that these two are in it for the long haul.

Kendrick Lamar and fiancée Whitney Alford are high school sweethearts

One of life's greatest joys is watching your significant other blossom with time, and another of the most heartwarming experiences is growing alongside them. For legendary rapper Kendrick Lamar, his fiancée, Whitney Alford, has been with him since the very beginning — high school, to be exact. Of course, Lamar doesn't really need any introduction — he is that influential in the rap scene — but when he was evolving as an early artist, he told The New York Times that the most influential person in his life was Alford. "One particular young lady," he said, when asked who had the most say in his life. "She's been here since Day 1."

The duo became parents in 2015, welcoming a daughter into the world (exclusively confirmed by Us Weekly at the time). And, while Lamar has been notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, he did share with Billboard that his relationship with Alford runs deep. "I wouldn't even call her my girl," he said. "That's my best friend. I don't even like the term that society has put in the world as far as being a companion — she's somebody I can tell my fears to."

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner continue to dominate headlines in 2021

If there is a rap couple that knows how to break records, it's Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. Scott famously kicked Drake off of the Billboard charts in 2018 with "Astroworld," and his impressive album went on to be streamed more than 349 million times, as noted by The New York Times. As for Jenner, she hardly needs an introduction, but as the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and the billionaire mogul behind Kylie Cosmetics, she has dominated the headlines since she was a pre-teen. 

The couple have been a bit on-again, off-again over the years, but 2021 has marked an exciting time for them. As noted by People, the couple confirmed they're welcoming another baby into the world (and we all know that their first child, Stormi, is going to be the best big sister). Jenner kept her first pregnancy with Scott very private, but the second time around, the couple has shared some updates. "She is beyond excited. She never planned to keep her pregnancy secret like she did with Stormi," an inside source told People. "She just wanted to wait until it felt right." As for Scott, the source said that the rapper is "equally excited" for their new bundle of joy.

Logic made headlines in 2021 for deciding to focus on his wife and family

When rapper Logic entered the music industry, it certainly seemed as though he'd conquer it for decades to come. His impactful song "1800-273-8255" became an instant hit, and he scored two Grammy nominations as a result. But he and his wife, Brittney Noell, have been in the news as of late, as Logic (born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II) announced that he would be leaving the music industry to focus on his family. Logic is just 31 years old, so the announcement did come as a huge shock to some of his fans, as noted by Page Six

The rapper took to Instagram to make the announcement and included pictures of Noell and their child, Little Bobby. "My fans have been my family since this all started so I wanted to share with you a glimpse into the life I am now diving into head first," he wrote alongside his family photos. After introducing his wife and child to the world, Logic revealed that the two souls made him "the happiest man in the world," and, as such, he'd be retiring from music. "Without the stress of this industry we can communicate more. Interact more, and I'm so excited for that," he concluded.

In 2021, Snoop Dogg's longtime wife, Shante Broadus, became his manager

Snoop. Just the one word alone is indicative of the rap king who's made a name for himself as not only a talented rapper and musician but also as a media personality with the charisma (albeit chill) to captivate just about everyone. Snoop Dogg is one of the greats, there's no denying it, but we can say with absolute certainty that 2021 wouldn't have been so noteworthy for the talented rapper if not for his wife, Shante Broadus. Snoop and Broadus have been married since 1997, and though she has always been in his corner, it was announced in June 2021 that Broadus would become Snoop's official manager.

Not only did Broadus already run Boss Lady Entertainment, but she'd be adding her very high-profile husband to her management roster. "Shante has been guiding my career behind the scenes from day one," Snoop said in a statement, via Black Enterprise. "She has always been my final gut check with all my decisions, and I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I am grateful to have her as my official manager, helping to build the Snoop Dogg empire together." Love to see it.