The Affordable Eye Mask Selena Gomez Swears By

The years 2020 and 2021 have, in a roundabout way, ended up being big on self-care. With so much time spent in lockdowns and quarantined, people have ended up seeking comfort and solace wherever they can find it. Self-care has been the obvious answer and a habit that many have maintained as a part of their lifestyle. It's a very personal thing.

Your form of self-care could simply be having a cup of tea to end the night, or taking the time for a very intensive skincare routine. The face mask market has definitely benefited as a result. What screams self-care more than taking 20 minutes out of your day to do your skin some good with a one and done mask.

Waking up to instantly slather on your favorite under-eye mask has become many people's new favorite way to start the day. Nothing can tackle that morning puffiness quite like them. Whether you opt for an instant fix cooling eye mask, or something with more long lasting hydrating benefits, an eye mask a day is guaranteed to do your under-eyes a world of good. Even Selena Gomez can't get enough of them.

Sephora's eye mask helps de-puff Selena's under-eyes

Eye masks are one of those beauty products that come at countless price points. You could feel inspired by your favorite "Real Housewife" star to invest in an overpriced eye mask claiming to be made of gold ... or, you could listen to Selena Gomez. During a "Beauty Secrets" video for Vogue, a bare-faced Gomez broke down her go-to routine to get ready for a big night out. She begins to set the mood in her silk robe by lighting a candle then dives right into an eye mask. Gomez shares, "I'll start with a nice eye patch to get rid of any inflammation," as she applies the Sephora Collection Cucumber Eye Mask.

Sephora Collection have often been under-looked, especially as they're in the company of so many other popular brands in the store. However, their skincare collection has recently received a lot of hype for delivering amazing results at an affordable price point (via Marie Claire). These $3.50 eye masks are no exception. They're super affordable and are soaked in clean ingredients to help give your under-eyes a boost of hydration while de-puffing. They come in four different styles each targeting different needs. If they're good enough for Gomez, they're definitely worth giving a try.