Fall Eyeshadow Palettes Your Favorite YouTubers Swear By

'Tis the season for stunning eyeshadow palettes! Okay, eyeshadow palettes admittedly come out for every season, but who could deny the sheer beauty of burning sunset oranges and candy apple reds? How about earthy browns and twilight yellow-orange? Autumnal eyeshadow palettes are a step above the rest when it comes to color stories and usage versatility, and they lead into winter and holiday palettes exceptionally well, too.

Some of the best makeup palettes in 2021 have been eyeshadow palettes, especially as more and more indie beauty brands pop up on the beauty scene. Oftentimes, one eyeshadow product will stand above the rest, but sometimes, there's just a magical eyeshadow or trend you need to try before it loses its magic touch.

We're well into fall 2021 already, so beauty YouTubers have already begun sharing their favorite palettes of the season, which we'll need for all our pumpkin patch and apple orchard escapades. Let's dive into which palettes are particularly gaining notable buzz this year.

This palette blazes like a fall sunset

Fall means that the sun sets earlier, and that's exactly the inspiration for this first eyeshadow palette. YouTuber Andréa Matillano is loving ColourPop's Lust For Dusk eyeshadow palette, which includes various neutrals, pinks, reds, purples, and even a shimmery blush tone (via YouTube).

This palette retails for $24, and its shade names are pleasantly quaint, like fall itself. You can opt for a matte peach called Horizon, or you can reach for a gold tone called Sunset Chaser. In either case, this palette is perfect not only for Halloween but also for every crisp fall day leading up to it.

This palette will elevate you to the stars

Since the sun sets earlier in fall, we have more time with the stars than usual during this season. With the moon rising earlier, letting us take in its cosmic energy, palettes like Nabla's Dreamy 2 palette are perfect for fall, as evidenced by YouTuber Danna Ann (via YouTube). This palette retails for $35, per Ulta, and it includes 12 shades, each with a dreamy name. There's the deep purple called Dionysis, and there's the cherry wood tone called New Past. Each shade in this palette is inspired, telling a complete story.

This palette is simply and quintessentially fall

The next YouTuber-loved fall eyeshadow palette is perhaps the most conventional, but that doesn't mean it isn't striking and effective. YouTuber Jena Froese is obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance palette this fall, and, honestly, we can see why (via YouTube). 

This palette includes reds, oranges, and neutrals that anyone would associate with traditional autumn aesthetics, but as with other Anastasia Beverly Hills products, it's the formulas that make all the difference in the world. This palette retails for $45 and includes 14 shades, including a crimson called Venetian Red and a sienna called Red Ochre.

This palette screams neutral fall look

Sometimes during the fall, you simply want a muted look. Maybe you don't want to blend into trees that are losing their leaves; maybe you want to blend in with the earth and the changing of seasons itself. If this is you, you're in luck, because YouTuber Andréa Matillano recommends Urban Decay Cosmetics' Naked Wild West palette (via YouTube).

This palette includes ample neutral colors to create any number of natural looks you could possibly want. At the same time, it offers a few dashes of color, such as a deep green and a deep purple, as well as a strong black, to help you along the way. Still, the neutrals are its selling point, and they look luxurious. Also, this palette retails for $49. So, which palette will you be reaching for this fall?