The Most In-Demand Cosmetics Of Fall 2021

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Fall is officially here. Whether leaves are changing color where you live or not, you've likely already pulled those sweaters out of storage and added a few new shackets to your closet. Just like fashion, fall beauty is transitioning as well. Out goes the bright pink blushes and in come the warmer tones. This fall, there are tons of fun and easy trends to try.


While the world isn't exactly through this pandemic yet, it is slowly but surely opening up, which means that so are your options for beauty products. After all, not hiding behind masks means more opportunities to show off your lipstick now. That doesn't mean that people haven't learned a thing of two from their pandemic lifestyles though. In fact, many people are getting simple with their beauty routines this season. Here are all the biggest beauty items for fall, so you can plan your makeup bag accordingly.

Lipstick is back, but subtle

While masks aren't completely a thing of the past, there are more opportunities to go maskless nowadays. That means that your lips are on full display and lipstick can come back into the scene. Beauty lovers have had their colorful lipstick tubes pushed to the back of their beauty bag, and now it's time for them to come out and play again.


According to Harper's Bazaar, Claudia Soare, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, agrees. "I think everyone will want to play up their lips with bolder color once we start going out again, since it's been more of a natural look," Soare tells the publication. As far as the colors go, neutrals seem to be a big trend, according to Fashionista. There's a neutral for just about every skin tone out there, which makes the colors extremely versatile. However, the best part of the trend is that they can easily be reapplied if you need to slip on a mask.

Pencil liner is making a comeback

Unfortunately, all those hours that you put in perfecting your winged liner are useless this season. The kitten liner, aka pencil eyeliner that looks a bit smudged, is a huge trend this year. Because, well, it's easier. Yes, a more laid-back, easy look is super on-trend thanks to people staying home during a pandemic.


"Smaller lines are starting to be a trend because they are easier to execute," celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman tells Glamour. "I also feel that people want a cleaner eyeliner look, and because the kitten eye requires less liner, it can be cleaner and easier to do."

The easiest way to get this look is to take a classic pencil liner, run it in the shape of a cat eye and then smudge it a little with your makeup brush. Allure suggests MAC Cosmetics' Eye Kohl or Ilia's Clean Line Gel Eyeliner to get the look.

Cream eyeshadow is easy to apply

Like mentioned above, the theme of this season is all about ease. Nothing's quite as easy as cream eyeshadow. After two years that were harder than others, everyone could use an easy beauty trend. Whether you're headed back to the office or just running errands around town, cream eyeshadow is the look for you.


All you need to do is open the pot, rub your freshly washed finger around a few times, and swipe it on your eye. It's really that easy — no blending needed. Byrdie suggests using Maybelline's Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow Pot for a long-lasting look or RMS Beauty's Eye Polish for a clean beauty alternative. No matter which shade or brand you choose, you can't go wrong with this easy fall beauty option.

There's also the added bonus that cream shadow typically last longer on the lid than powder shadows. Not to mention they also take much less time to throw on. It's like the little black dress of beauty items. 

Natural-looking brows are in

If you're not catching on to the fact that fall 2021 is all about easy beauty, then this trend will solidify that for you. According to Page Six, natural brows are having a moment. While that's not to say that you should throw out everything that you know about shaping and filling brows, you can ease up on how much time you're putting into them in the morning.


"I'm a big fan of this one since I love brows that are full, feathered and not overly filled in," Mario Dedivanovic tells Page Six. "For a while, the trend was a very unnatural, harsh brow, so this is a welcome change for me since I like makeup that softens the face." Not to mention that, again, it's super easy to nail.

Courtney Shields, creator of Dibs and an influencer, goes completely natural with her brown routine. According to New Beauty, all she uses is Got2b's Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel and a spoolie for her eyebrows. It truly doesn't get easier than that. Bonus points that the product is only $5 at Target.

It's all about easy trends this fall, which could just make fall 2021 the best season yet.