Red Table Talk Season 5 - Details We Know So Far

There are not many shows on Facebook that'll grab your attention like "Red Table Talk" does. Originally premiered in 2018 under the Facebook Watch section, this reality show follows the three generations of the Smith family — mother Jada Pinkett-Smith, daughter Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones (via IMDb). Each episode shows the Smith women inviting a known Hollywood name — who may or may not be involved in a scandal — where they discuss juicy gossip tidbits, personal struggles, and more.

With noteworthy guests like Jordyn Woods and Matthew McConaughey, it's no wonder that "Red Table Talk" is Facebook's most-watched series (via TV Insider). However, the show is more than just the celebrity guests who make the occasional appearance or two. In fact, according to a Harper's Bazaar interview with the Smith women, what draws viewers to "Red Table Talk" is the candid conversations about race and gender and the space to have these open conversations. "Why don't we, as women especially have more honest conversations — just about life?" Jada asked in the interview. "The females I've reached out to in my experience really made me feel like 'Red Table Talk' was an important place to have an honest and real conversation because we're all going through so much. I don't know why that's wrong [to talk about things]."

Now that Season 4 of the reality show is coming to a close, the demand for more "Red Talk" is at an all-time high. Here's everything you need to know about Season 5.

When will Season 5 of "Red Table Talk" premiere?

What's great is that we know "Red Table Talk" has been renewed for a Season 5, so the Smith women are coming back (Next Season TV). The only question is when.

If you were hoping that Jada Pinkett-Smith's reality show was coming back in the fall of 2021, you'll be disappointed to hear that based on the previous seasons' schedules, it doesn't look like "Red Table Talk" is coming back until 2022. According to IMDb, the first four seasons debuted in the early to middle months of their respective years. It stands to reason that Season 5 will follow suit.

You'll just have to power through the holiday season to get to more "Red Table Talk" episodes. However, if you're obsessed and craving more content (who isn't at this point?), there are always reruns to go through. No better way to spend the holiday break than marathon-watching your favorite reality show with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand.

Who will appear on Season 5 of "Red Table Talk?"

You can count on the big three — Jada, Willow, and Adrienne — joining the season. As for the celebrity guests? The answer is up in the air. Unfortunately for fans, guests aren't revealed until the episode is also revealed, as shown by past seasons. However, that doesn't mean we don't have an idea of who'll appear on the "Red Table."

For example, as we've mentioned, some of the celebrity guests on "Red Table Talk" are involved in their own controversies. Remember Jordyn Woods and that fiasco with Tristian Thompson and Khloe Kardashian? Woods' first (and only) media appearance on the subject matter was the "Red Table Talk," per Oprah Daily. That isn't the only example where a celebrity came to clear the air: Olivia Jade Giannulli, Ciara, and Jada herself have also been guests (via Parade). That said, if a celebrity is deep in a scandal (current or previous), it's a good bet they'll be visiting the table.

There aren't always controversial guests on the show, mind you. Some celebrity guests like Matthew McConaughey visit the show to have open conversations about mental health and parenthood. Unfortunately, you'll never know if these types of guests (and conversations) will be coming until the episode airs.

There are numerous celebrities who've said they're interested in being on "Red Table Talk."

While we don't know the guests in Season 5, there's a pretty good chance we might have some idea. Numerous celebrities including Future have expressed their interest in coming on Jada Pinkett-Smith's TV show. It's not that much of a surprise considering how big and popular the show is. Remember "Red Table Talk" has won a variety of awards, including an Emmy and NAACP, per IMDb.

Future expressed his interest in being a celebrity guest after Pinkett-Smith's latest show with a guest appearance by Gwenyth Paltrow ended in a bit of controversy, according to Yahoo. The rapper isn't the first person who's told celebrity sites they want a seat at the red table. For previous seasons, T.I., Snoop Dog, and others all asked to be on the show to clear the air from their latest controversy or to have space for important conversations, E! Online reported. Sometimes, it was both.

The space on "Red Table Talk" is just that powerful that celebrities are asking to share their personal details publicly. It's quite fair to say that Pinkett-Smith's dream of giving spaces for candid conversations has been accomplished. We just can't wait to see what Season 5 (and more) will bring to the red table.