Inside Porsha Williams' Relationship With Ex Dennis McKinley

"The Real Housewives" franchise began with a simple concept of following the lives of affluent rich housewives. With the show's massive expansion, the storylines have taken many turns. Currently, most of "The Real Housewives" series actually consist of a majority of single divorcees and their trials and tribulations in the exhausting dating world. The truth is, fans all agree that things are much better this way (via E! Online). Watching your favorite housewife fumble through dating is undeniably more fun than watching her lead a stable married life. 

While there are countless examples, a few standout names come to mind when thinking about housewives who openly shared their single life with audiences. One of which is definitely Porsha Williams. When Williams first entered "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" scene, she was the picture of a devoted, obedient housewife as Mrs. Stewart to Kordell Stewart (via Showbiz CheatSheet). Over the course of the show, fans watched her completely transform and blossom into the fun, independent, girl boss business owner she is today and she managed to do it all while twerking. 

"RHOA" showed Williams' foray into the dating scene with multiple storylines. However, today, she's officially engaged to fellow cast member Falynn Guobadia's ex-husband Simon Guobadia, but this wasn't Williams' first engagement on the show (via People). Here's everything you need to know about the whirlwind romance of Porsha Williams and now ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley

The whirlwind romance

On November 4, 2018, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 11 premiered, and with it, Porsha Williams had her own personal premiere of her new man (via Vulture). Williams introduced Dennis McKinley, Atlanta's very own hot dog mogul. Williams spent the episode showing off her new beau's wealth and the fact that they had already exchanged "I love you"s, according to Vulture's recap. The pair wasted no time, with their very first scene together being of them exploring engagement rings with a hefty budget, only five months into their relationship (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Williams has always shared her desire to settle down and get married with children as soon as possible, and she wasn't wasting any time. Williams was busy eagerly awaiting a proposal, and even fully planning on it during a romantic trip to Miami (via Entertainment Weekly). Meanwhile, another surprise was in store for the happy couple. Little did Williams know that another dream of hers was in the works of coming true.

First comes a baby

Only three episodes into Season 11 of "Real Housewives Of Atlanta," Porsha Williams' new boyfriend storyline turned into another new introduction to her life — a baby! Williams and Dennis McKinley shared a touching emotional moment when she revealed to him that she was pregnant. McKinley even seemed more excited than her as he was moved to tears (via People). 

The couple was overjoyed and Williams shared with the audience, "I have never had someone love me the way he does." She continued, "I have never had someone want to be there for me. So that's why this pregnancy is like a miracle to me. Because I am starting to see all these things that I have prayed for and wanted for so many years actually happen."

While it was all she could talk about, suddenly a proposal was the furthest thing from Williams' mind. You know how the saying goes, "when you least expect it."

Then comes a serenaded proposal

Before "RHOA" aired, Porsha Williams took to Instagram on October 1, 2018 to announce that she was officially engaged to Dennis McKinley (via People). Williams shared beautiful photos of the happy couple right after he popped the question, and a rep of the couple shared the deets with People, saying, "After they were officially engaged, they threw a Prayer party for Baby McKinley. She doesn't want any focus on the ring etc. but it's huge and gorgeous! Dennis had videographer and photographer and has been working on the proposal for two months .... had candles etc. and rose petals everywhere."

The dramatic proposal was shown on Season 11, Episode 5. In the episode, McKinley and Williams took a helicopter to a secret location, where they were greeted by candles and rose petals as well as the couple's favorite love song performed by Lil' Mo (via Reality Tea). 

The happy couple spent the rest of the season preparing for their new baby, and seem as loved up as ever all throughout. Williams and McKinley even had their own spinoff special of their emotional journey to the birth of their daughter, Pilar Jhena (via Bravo TV). They seemed happier than ever with their new family of three, but unfortunately, the happiness was short lived.

Dennis McKinley broke Porsha's heart with a cheating scandal

While Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley should've been basking in their newborn and planning an upcoming wedding, everything fell apart. E! Online confirmed the couple had broken up on June 20, 2019, only eight months after their engagement. The breakup was announced amid swirling cheating allegations against McKinley. He adamantly denied having cheated by releasing a statement, saying, "These false and slanderous allegations against me are made solely to damage my reputation, jeopardize my ongoing businesses, and negatively impact my family ... I am currently taking legal action" (via Us Weekly).

Unfortunately, the rumors were eventually confirmed to be true. Williams admitted to trying to ignore the signs, saying, "I did have a pattern of even saying out loud, 'Ignorance is bliss. I don't even want to know. I'm just happy with you. We're good. I love you. I don't care.'" (via Bravo TV) McKinley blamed Williams' postpartum depression on his cheating, and fans watched their strained attempt to reconcile play out on the reality show (via People). 

Over before it got a chance to really begin

Throughout Season 12 of "Real Housewives Of Atlanta," fans witnessed Porsha Williams' heartbreaking emotional journey dealing with Dennis McKinley having cheated on her while she was pregnant and after giving birth. Williams tearfully argued with McKinley and explained, "Out of everything we go through, I would never want it to affect your relationship with PJ," she said. "I did not have my dad my whole life. So I would never want her to grow up and have f****** daddy issues because we are going back and forth all the time" (via People).

The co-parents tried to reconcile, and even renewed their engagement and seemed to be making progress towards the future (via Bravo TV). While fans attacked Williams for taking him back, she explained, "I don't care that I'm engaged, and we don't live together and what someone else may say, because you need to do what you need to do for your life, and I'm going to do what I need to do and feels comfortable for me in my family. And that's all I can do." Unfortunately, the reconciliation was short-lived. The couple split up again, and this time for good (via Daily Mail).

Today, Williams has completely moved on and officially announced she is engaged to new love Simon Guobadia in May (via People). Williams and McKinley continue to maintain a healthy co-parenting system, and he even congratulated her on her engagement while joining the new couple in a Mother's Day post (via Instagram).