Common Dishes On Why He And Tiffany Haddish Really Split

He's a songwriter and rapper. She's a comedian and actress (via Biography). Together, Common and Tiffany Haddish made up one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. According to Us Weekly, the two were so close, they even quarantined together during the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. By the summer of last year, Haddish said about her romance with Common that it was "hands down the best relationship" she'd been in.

A year later, in July of 2021, he said about their bond, "I need to enjoy life. So I feel, with Tiffany and I, I've been experiencing that and I'm grateful for that" (via People). But sadly, as Us Weekly reports, by November, the one-time lovers had broken up. Now, Common is breaking his silence on why their relationship didn't last. It may surprise some fans that he still has nothing but good things to say about his former flame.

"First of all, I want to say Tiffany, as you know, is for me, like, one of the best people I met in life," Common told "Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored" host Jason Lee (via Page Six). He went on to enthuse that Haddish is, "one of the best-hearted and most authentic and caring people that I met in life, and that's what made me love her and be in love with her and want to be in a relationship with her and grow with her."

If Common still loves Tiffany Haddish, what went wrong?

Despite clearly having warm thoughts about his ex, Common offered a clear reason why he is no longer dating Tiffany Haddish. Going on to call the relationship "mature" and "healthy" while speaking to Jason Lee, the activist also admitted, "I think it was just like we weren't feeding the relationship" (via Page Six).

Ultimately, it seems the celebrities' busy schedules drove them apart, with Common saying that balancing their careers and their relationship became an issue. Rather than be "one foot in, one foot out," they ended their affair. But at the end of the day, Common offered this takeaway from his time with Haddish: "I feel like both of us cherish and valued our relationship and both have come out better human beings."

For her part, the actress has been showing off her time celebrating birthdays and yachting on Instagram since her breakup. She is yet to speak publicly about the split.